8 hour paying job

In general, the pay for an employee or office bearer is computed based on his contribution for an 8 hour day or 44 hour week making up to a month. An employer can expect an employee to be at work for 8 hours daily or its equivalent. Some employees may moonlight, take on a second job elsewhere but on his own time, and do not infringe on the 8 hours of work time committed to his employer. In such instances, all is fair and the employer may not want to interfere with the employee’s other preoccupation as long as it does not affect his work.

An employee that takes on two jobs, with two full pay during his normal working time is actually doubling his pay by working 4 hours for each job daily. If he takes on 4 jobs, his working hours per job is only 2 hours daily and his pay, assuming the same for each job, will be quadrupled.

Imagine someone having 8 or 10 jobs over the same 8 hours working day, his contribution to the organization is 1hr or less per day for each job. And he is being paid fully for 8 or 10 jobs. These are simply wonder men and wonder women.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Depends how you define "job". Some jobs are defined as an ongoing commitment to a voluntary system of exchange of personal time,labour and energy in for regular payment. These jobs are usually understood to be 8 hours a day, 5 days a week or so...depending on the work-culture of the cuntree. In Singapore it is 44 hours, in lazy-cunt Arse-stralia, it is 38 hours. Most people can only barely manage ONE fulltime job, and are usually burnt-out tired from working too much for too little.

Other jobs are one-off situations of similar nature that may or may not occur again involving the same parties: e.g. BLOWJOB. These jobs are usually shorter in duration and are paid for on the "per job" basis.
A good efficient operator (e.g. a blowjob ex-spurt) can do many of such jobs and as a result generate "large cash flows" (commensurate with the flow of the volume of ejaculated semen).

I think these super men and women are exactly like blowjob ex-spurts. They also get the added bonus of free meals -- exotic and nutritious, or so I'm told.

The super-productive men and women have been trained by attending over-priced seminars marketed as "personal development" and "self discovery" and are run by scam artists who sell their dubious services and products on infomercials, self-help nonsense books and religion-like true-believer zombie organizations like "Landmark" and its offshoots.

Participants go to these seminars, shell out thousands of hard-earned dollars, then cry, wail and "share" (their boring life stories and sagas) for a few days, then emerge smiling and "confident" all ready to take on as many commitments and enterprises as they can DREAM.

These are the people who have multiple jobs and consider themselves the most "special" people in the universe.

Got Tony Robbins?

Anonymous said...

i think redbean is referring to people who have the letters M.P. at the end of their names.

Anonymous said...

The one with 75 titles to his name who recently lamented what he could have done for the striking bus workers after what the NGOs had already done for them??

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 407.

Precisely. They're sucking the cuntree drier than a nun's cunt.

Cum-guzzling blowjob ex-spurts. Damn expensive too.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder too :) So funny

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I swear I am not talking about MPs. There are many people out there that wear many many hats and holding many important jobs and positions and drawing many pay checks.

Anonymous said...

ROFL! Hahaha! You are spot on! Really langgar!

Anonymous said...

It's so very obvious who are those supermortals. Are you afraid of lawyers' letters? Nowhere in the world, govt issues lawyers' letters even those leaders are abused, humiliated or having their effigies burnt. Only here in Sin, it's in fashion.

Taking about 8 hr solid work per day to clock the 44 hr week. There is no mention of meal break in the labour law. Employers claim that the 8 hrs do not include meal break. In other other words, you are not entitled to an hr of meal break. The extra one hour of meal break should not be computed in the 8 hrs of work. But then, we need to eat right? If you include that one hr meal break, it's a total of 9 hours! The govt doesn't want to specify meal break entitlement but leave it to the arbitrary interpretation of the employer! I say we work more than 44 hrs per week in that sense! the highest amongst the first world countries. Who is that joker who said we already arrived at "Swiss" standard of living? KNN! Langgar!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

8 to 5 is eight hours plus one hour lunch break in between. This is the normal practice.

jjgg said...

What is work? For some it's sitting n thinking..for some...it's shitting n thinking..but the way some of our policies n strategies are not working out must mean that it must have been more shit than sit....hehe

Anonymous said...

Some shit already hit the fan! Can't cover up anymore! You know what we are referring to? Must learn to speak in ambiguity and puzzles in order not to get cecilia sue! Langgar!

Singapore jobs said...

well the job landscape is continuously changing. for some though, it still is a tough cookie. burnout, overtime work and all that jazz.

Anonymous said...

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