2013, a world in real trouble, fabricated trouble or insisted trouble

The whole world is in trouble. The American and European economies are in deep and real trouble. There is no denying that the USA is already a bankrupt nation, living in debt and printing money to keep the fa├žade of prosperity for another few years. How long would it be able to sustain its high spending and high consumption economy in the absence of real economic growth and productivity is everyone’s guess. The enormous money printed by the Fed and churned up in the stock market and financial system is fictitious money. The American debt will keep growing and the greenback will keep depreciating.

In Europe several countries are in bankruptcy or near bankruptcy. The old wealth from conquest and colonialism is disappearing. The productive capacity of Europe cannot sustain the high standard of living and welfare that the Europeans are enjoying today and into the future. European economies are no longer competitive and productive.

The Middle East and several African nations in the peripheral are in dire straits. Their countries at war or devastated by wars, and their economies in ruin and would take years to recover. Thanks to the do gooders and their saviours that came to save them by destroying them first.

And there are countries that are perceived or told to be in trouble. The North Korea, Myanmar, now saved by opening up with the blessing and support of Asean, Iran and a few others on the list called the Axis of Evil. These countries are told to be in trouble, forever in trouble. Their people and leaders are all neurotics, mad and insane. They are perpetually messing up their own economies and wanting to burn down the whole world. Someone must have poisoned their food or water supply to drug them to be in a constant state of insanity and hostility to the people of the world. Their population are equality mad or ignorant of their own well being. In other words, their population are all idiots who cannot think or act for their own good, all in a state of delusion.

There is a third kind of countries in trouble, countries that the West insisted and prayed and hoped to be in trouble. These are countries that are told to be facing enormous troubles within that they are at the verge of imploding. They have no system, daft leaders, they did not know how to run their countries, the leadership is corrupt and facing ills of every kind. And the civilised and rich free world are eagerly waiting for their immediate collapse.

China is one such country. Despite the unbelieveable and record breaking speed it made to change a poverty stricken country of 1.3b people into one of the richest and most powerful country in the world, the western world, media and analysts are all saying that China is going to collapse. They are saying that the Chinese leaderships are made up of inepts, did not know what they are doing and will crash their economy very soon.

None of them would want to see the more than 10% growth rate of its economies sustained over the last 30 years. No, the numbers are faked, doctored and untruth. The truth, 1.3b people are being fed very well, quality of life improving, getting richer, becoming the factory of the world and all the luxury goods salesmen are in China peddling their overpriced goods to the country with the most millionaires and billionaires. No, this is not true. China is making up all these stories. The trillions of dollars of trade surplus are also fiction!

How could a country of 1.3b people turned themselves into an economic, political and military powerhouse when they are all fools, did not know what they are doing, mired with corruptions and all kinds of problems, and when the world economies were crashing, the big bankers and richest countries in the world were forming a beeline to China asking for charity and donations?

The Chinese leadership did not know what they are doing. They cannot think. Their policies are uncoordinated. The leadership is facing internal strife and infighting. They are in a mess. They do not know how to conduct diplomacy. They are belligerent. They are in trouble. Really?


Anonymous said...

If politicians can be trusted, pigs can fly. Crisis is just an excuse to start a war, raise tax, cut welfare, make the poor poorer and the rich richer. If everyone just stay simple, simple house, simple car, simple food, simple everything, there is enough for everyone. Problem starts when someone wants more than his share, wants to accumulate wealth for generations, wants to destroy the balance that God painfully created.

Anonymous said...

You lost all cred with this unsubstantiated, under researched rant, making sweeping statements from news drips which are highly sensationalized.

I hope this was tongue in cheek.

Happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Hope this is not an early sign of dementia as the rant and crap is so atypical of venerable RB - or this blog has been high jacked??

Anonymous said...

Redbean will just say his piece. What credibility do you have to talk about redbean's credibility in your two silly sentences?

The only thing silly is for you to come here daily to hear his rant. Don't you have anything better to do or anything less silly to do than to come here to smell redbean's farting?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Nevermind every new year's day, but really everyday -- there are people who will tell you how doomed we are, all the problems, blah blah blah... this crisis, that crisis...oh owe to thee, mankind....thou arst doomed to oblivion.

Fuck that shit. Get a beer, a joint and a blow job...

....and have a very happy new year!

Sawat di Khrap

patriot said...

Well said!

Have your drink, enjoy the food, cigarette and friendship.

Forget about matilah singapura, does not matter,


Anonymous said...

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