The world is black and white

Maldrid Braut Hegghammer, an assistant professor of the Norwegian Defense University College, Oslo has his article printed in the New York Times and republished in Today. The title of his article is ‘The real lesson of Iraq.’ His main argument is that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake for two reasons. One, the IEAE’s report was not reliable, and two, Iran’s effort to hide information about its nuclear facilities.

In his view, it was right for America to invade Iraq if the IEAE’s report was accurate and Iraq had the nuclear facilities to make nuclear weapons. This is the white countries logic that the black countries are bad, and will use nuclear arms if they have them, and it is the right thing for the white countries to attack black countries to prevent them from having nuclear weapons.

It is right and normal for white countries to possess nuclear arms and to use it or threaten to use it on black countries.

I must thank the Today paper to reveal this kind of black and white logic in the western world. That it is their right to have nuclear arms and to use nuclear arms. The black countries cannot be allowed to have nuclear arms. Black countries are dangerous while white countries are not. And it is alright to attack another black country using this justification.

Can Asean countries use this logic to attack one another should one country decides to go nuclear? This is White Rule. And the author and all white thinking readers will accept this Rule without question. One rule for the white and one rule for the black.


Anonymous said...

Israel and the US have announced their intention to strike at Iran. The world accepted this through their silent consent.

What if, all the Arab countries announce that they are taking out Israel's nuclear facilities? Israel possesses much more deadly WMD than all the Arab countries combined. What would be the world's reaction?

Anonymous said...

Pardon me for a different take regarding black and white. My view is that whatever colour any being is, it will behave any any animal will.

The fighting fish will attack any other fighting fish, the lion will maul the cubs of other lions etc. AND THE WHITES WILL HAVE NO QUALM IN EXPLOITING THEIR FELLOW WHITES. HOW ELSE CAN WE EXPLAIN WHY THE BRITISH SENT CONVICTS TO AUSTRALIA?
Those were rejected whites trashed by the elite breeds. What about the Americans now occupying Wall Street and gathering together at various places to protest? These are the very people that once enjoyed the spoils as the elites they are now protesting against. It happened and will be gathering momentum in both the US and Europe.

Anyone who proclaims to be a non-racist is a lier, there will always be some differences with regards to colour, religion, language, size(physical), intelligence, interest and anything dissimilar. Even in religions, believers fight over whose gods are real and more powerful. And amongst the believers, they jeer, fight and kill because they perceive the others as not 'true believers', lols.........

I shall cut it short by saying that as long as there are beings, THERE SHALL BE WARS. So, to survive is to fight and stay alive no matter what's the reason for war.


Anonymous said...

"it will behave any any animal will"

My apology! The above phrase should read 'it will behave like any animal will'.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patriot, did you miss my main contention or did you deliberately avoid looking at it?

Anonymous said...

Chin Leng;

me reads You.

Just that me am reading into the future and You had recorded the past.

Animal instinct to me can never be changed, no matter how beings evolve.

It will be interesting for us to test our prediction of the World in 10 to 30 years from now. Any longer will be no fun for us as we would have gone home or senile for sure.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is still a white man's world and white man's rule. The Americans have been starting wars everywhere, subverting govts, instigating conflicts and when a country is in pieces like Iraq, afghanistan, Libya, they conveniently walk away know that those countries will be in shit for a few decades to get themselves back on their feet.

The next hot area is the Korean Peninsula. Look at the crazy warmongering South Koreans provoking the North everyday with military exercises and accusing the North for being the culprit. Even after the false flag bombing of Choenan and the killing of their own South Korean sailors, they are shamelessly pointing the fingers at the North.

I pray that god will grant them their wishes and both Koreas be burnt to the ground and never to recover in the next 100 years...if that is what they wanted.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the same logic used against the Australian aborigines, who are black. The same logic used against the American red indians, not black of course, but should I say 'red'? Isn't that the same logic used against the Indians in India that almost succeeded in putting them into near extinctions like the aborigines and red indians?

For all that is said and done, which is the only country in this world that has ever used nuclear weapons against another and went on to claim justification and honour about it.

It is still a white men's world, dominated by white men's logic, manipulated by white men's cunning, cowed by white men's superior weaponry and some still willing to bend over backwards to appease them.

So, who is to be blamed if some are obviously welcoming them with widespread legs and open arms?

I am also Chua said...

That is why we need a strong China and strong Chinese race to prevent the hegemonic intention of the whites to control the world.

The whites who had colonised many weak countries by force and manipulation in the past, would be more than happy to do it again if given a chance today.

It is Almighty God's wish that Chinese race is the largest in this world and China remains a China after so many thousand years. Only the Chinese race can check the hegemonic intention of the whites. The rest of the non-white races are either too small or weak.

And it had been proven that with Chinese direct involvement against the whites in any war, the whites would finally backed out like a dog eg in the Korean War.

Therefore people like our psuedo westernised LKY and PAP regime are traitors and have made a big mistake to advocate for strong American military presence in the Far East region. These traitors do not know that a non-white is a non-white to the whites no matter how white educated you are.

Anyway, a non-white shd have the same attitide towards a white. A white is just a white trash.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Also Chua, welcome to the blog.

The White man's dominance over the world is quite deep rooted. The two centuries of brainwashing have modified the minds of many Asians and Africans that they only see China as the evil country and the Empire as angels.

This may change as the Asians and Africans start to think a bit. Even Mahathir's thinking was changed long ago. Then there is also the western soft culture that has a great influence over the younger generation and this is more powerful than the guns.

Gradually it will change and Afro Asians will wake up and remove their blinkers.

Steven Spielberg has given warning of what this Empire is like in his Star Wars series. He is almost on the dot.


Anonymous said...

"This may change as the Asians and Africans start to think a bit"

The thinking must start at the very top. The common Asian population cannot do much, no matter how enlightened their thinking may be, just like you and me. The majority of Asians at the top of their respective Governments, mostly educated and already brain washed by the West, are most probably the ones going to lead Asia and Africa, but with their thinking aligned with the whites, it is the blind leading the blind, and nothing much will change.

But there is still hope if Communist China still stay communist and leading the way.

Anonymous said...

The best proof that China is not a threat lies in history.

At no time in history has China (under Chinese rule) ever set out to colonize lands.

As I used to tell my white, black, red, and brown friends, the only 2 yellow races who have threatened white nations are the Japanese (World War 2) and the Mongols (circa 1200AD-1300AD).

When China was the dominant global superpower under the Ming Emperor Yongle (1402-1424), China made no attempts to colonize any country. This despite having the most powerful naval fleet of its time - the 7 voyages of Zhang He. China never enslaved any race.

Apologies to all Chinese who may be offended by me (a Chinese) calling myself yellow.

In my university days overseas, I have debated race, culture, religion, history and politics with fellow students from all over the world.

I am confident and secure enough to call myself yellow just as a black man calls himself black or a white man calls himself white. But this is within an international community in a university.

Now that I'm back in Singapore, I accept that I have to re-adjust my language to suit local sensibilities.

So feel free to give me "constructive" alternatives if I have offended your sensibilities.

Anonymous said...

The chinese are not steep in religion meaning that they are not waiting for a messiah to return and rule the world(in the process brought on wars and conflicts).

Only white religion is bend on doing that so the problem here is not race but religion.

There is only one way to deal with religion.

Judge it.

Anonymous said...

See this documentary:

This is the first time US army did not win the war. This is the starting of US decline.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The west has been telling lies about China for two centuries and every Asian and African have been eating and sleeping with it that it is now in their blood. Anything Chinese is bad.

Even the overseas Chinese, especially the Sinkie kind also believe so.

Now the white man that pretends to be China's good friend, Rudd, is showing his true colour, that is white. He is linking up with the white Empire and is bringing in a black country to fight China, in India. They are going to form a three party military alliance against China, possibly against Indonesia as well.

China should forge a military alliance with Indonesia and Malaysia if possible.

Anonymous said...

Dear redbean
You are right to be outraged.

But I would suggest that your idea of a military alliance with Indonesia and Malaysia is too limited in scope.

General Westmoreland (overall man in charge for the Vietnam War) and the American army never lost a single battle in Vietnam. And yet the Americans lost the Vietnam War.


Read the wikipedia article and then read the first 3 paragraphs of Sun Tzu's Art of War. Sun Tzu already predicts Westmoreland's future failure.

Western military philosophy sees war like a game of chess. A war of attrition.

Sun Tzu's military philosophy sees war like the game of "weiqi".

IMHO, The Art of War is probably the most widely known and least understood Chinese text.

In Sun Tzu's time, they don't use textbooks the way we used textbooks today. The class size was very small. You learn directly from the master through debate and questions. Students spends days in deep contemplation.

The Art of War is a very well written executive summary of Sun Tzu's key ideas. To get the full flavour of Sun Tzu's ideas, you have to understand the origins of the Chinese characters used to write the book. And more importantly, the relationship between the different chapters and ideas.

The book is read "linearly".
But until you see the spider's web of inter-relationships, you have not fully grasped the book.

Anonymous said...

Me just like to say;
wait and see the whites
in troubles in the US
and Europe.
Australia will be affected
too, however it will be to
a lesser extend if it is
industrial/political. BUT,
if it ever gets into trouble
with Indonesia, just too bad.

The whites in the US will
have problem with the other
The whites in Europe will
have troubles with whites.

Caveat; this commenter maybe
talking nonsense.


The said...

/// Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...
The west has been telling lies about China for two centuries and every Asian and African have been eating and sleeping with it that it is now in their blood. Anything Chinese is bad. ///

Yes, yes, yes.

As we speak (or type on the keyboard), Hillary Clinton in Myanmar warning the Myanmese to be wary of aid from countries who are eyeing the resources instead of embarking on sustainable development. She did not mention which country, but it is clear she's referring to China.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sun Tsu's Art of War is still relevant today for conventional warfare or war of the foot soldiers.

When the air and sea elements are included, it may have to draw on many assumptions. It is still a military classic.

And Patriot, you are sounding like Li Bai writing poems in English.

In the case of Hilary in Myanmar, she looked so innocent, like a housewife on a holiday. Wait till they start to scalp and terminate the Myanmese like they did to the Red Indians, then the innocence will evaporate in thin air.

Anonymous said...

The devil in angel's clothing has come to Myanmar.

The devil is telling Myanmar to distance itself from the North Koreans.

Anonymous said...

Asians must unite and not be manipulated by the West.


Sometime back Professor Kishore Mahubani of Singapore asked a very poignant question, "Can Asians think?" Why did he post such a question? UNdoubtedly Professor Kishore Mahubani is a very highly intelligent Singapore intellectual and very well respected. He is very observant and feels somehow there is something wrong with the order or disorder of this world.He must have felt concerned and uncomfortable that there is so much choas and turmoil in Asia and not in Europe or America. The trend of events, for good or evil have always been directed by the West or from the West especially from USA. Why are Asians always fighting against other Asians? The Arabs are fighting against Arabs, the Indians are fighting against Indians, The Chinese are fighting against Chinese, the Koreans are fighting against Koreans, Indians are fighting against Chinese, Japanese are fighting against Chinese , Philippinos are fighting against Philippinos and the list can go on. This tren of Asians fighting Asians is not natural. It has always been planned and manipulated by the white men, the Europeans or Caucasians of Europe and America.It has a historical background of the seeds of evil which the insightful white men had planted long ago to cause dissension and quarrel among Asians so that they can continue forever to have a grip hold on Asians in politics, military, economy and finance.

For thousands of years before the white invaders came India and China revered each other with great respect and you never hear of quarrells,fighting or war betweem them. After India became a British colony and China was reduced to a semi colonial status by white invaders they planteds seeds of future suspicion and dissension between the two. It is the same with India and Pakistan and then China and Japan.White men pilferred lands from different countries under their rule or domination and they never bothered to settle the pilferred land issues properly before they left. They insidiously left the seeds of contention for these Asian countries so that Asians will constantly be weak through continuous quarrelling and fighting. In the meantime the Europeans and Americans will enrich themselves by selling military hardwares to these unsuspecting warring parties.

India, China and Japan are great eastern civilisations and the leading countries of Asia. They should not bicker or quarrell over minor territorial issues and be manipulated by the West especially by USA. They should settle their problems peacefully and amicably for the good of all Asians. Do not fall into the Western trap of divide and rule again. Asians must have the wisdom to live in peace and harmony otherwise the curse of Western domination may repeat itself.


Anonymous said...

Sad to say, but you have to leave out the polynesian stocks. They are plain shallow and would do anything the white gods want them to do, with a little candy.

India is the disappointing old. With centuries of wisdom and a nation of great thinkers and philosophers, its new leaders since independence, were also very shallow. They only think of greatness but behaved like dounces.