Nathan’s conscience is clear

Why was his conscience pricked and he has to make it public that his conscience is clear? In my view, Nathan is the most perfect President according to the terms and conditions of the Constitution. He played the role to the T. No one can fault him for not doing his part as the Elected President or overstepping his role to try to do things outside the Constitution.

Next National Day Nathan will be given the highest award of the country. And his place in Kranji has already been reserved.

On the issue of conscience, only those who took too much and did too little should have to think about their conscience. This shall include those who will be doing nothing and taking millions from the people.

Nathan has done a lot of work as the President without crowing about it. He is always under pressure to perform. The most obvious sign of pressure is his weight. The psychiatrists will tell you that people who are under pressure tend to over eat, took to food as an escapism, and put on weight.

Let’s wish Nathan a good retirement and with less pressure in his life. He may start to lose weight and his hair may start turning white too.


notanotherspinstory said...

Good piece of sarcasm. LOL!

Perfect puppet.

Anonymous said...

No other country had ever had a man liked Nathan for a head of state in history. He is one chief that never interfered in the live of his subjects. Collecting well over 4 Sin$ yearly to pose for pictures of shaking hands, touching babies(the parents likely not comfortable to let him carry the toddlers but felt glorious), attending variety programmes and tour the World with entourages of his own fraternities paid by the State Of Sin. Despite his age, me thinks he is much healthier than many of his colleagues in the Government.

To me, he did not have to talk about conscience as he was never in a position to use his. Reason is that he was never in a position to effectively use his conscience over anything, even his own integrity. Most people know that he was paid the costly price of an antique only for display and nothing more.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If anything, blame the constitution for describing what the president can or cannot do.

Can't fault him lah.

Anonymous said...

Diplomacy. The art of saying and doing nothing in 5 different languages.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, they may need two lots in Kranji for his girth.

He is the best EP, you mean counting backwards?

Conscience clear? Aww, all PAP ministers and MPs will say that, TT included. Do they really have a conscience? Beats me!

Mr Yakult said Nathan did a lot for the Muslim community. We also know that Nathan did a lot for the Japanese during their occupation of Singapore.

His weight is a problem? When you make your own pratas, eating them yourself in the Istana without sharing with others is not good for health. With $4 million a year, and $8 bypass readily available, what is the problem. If you say pressure is the cause of his weight gain, his wife must also by under more pressure.

Anyway, jokes aside, wish him happy retirement. The next one may end up even worse under pressure.

Trebuchet said...

Nathan also started the President's Challenge, the President's Star Charity etc. These have raised a lot of funds for the needy — literally hundreds of millions of dollars. I guess most people are too lazy to be properly critical. One should look at all the material before coming to conclusions; that is why we can only assess a presidency in retrospect and not prospect.

Anonymous said...

parroting what the MIW says about FT policy etc , praising TT for being the perfect President material tells us that he is not so honorable after all.

But sadly, overheard from the radio that there are clueless people giving him heaps of praise.

How daft can one be ??

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ee Peng Lian raised many more without being paid for the job.

As for Nathan, he did not ask to be President, I think. And he is not greedy or else he would have run for another term and no one can say no to him.

JeffGoh said...

"They promised us transparency and they kept their promise. We can see right through them!"… Carole Bending

Anonymous said...

T.T.Durai also raised lots of money, literally hundreds of millions, for NKF, but he was paid peanuts compared to Nathan.

But because he was paid peanuts he became dishonourable.

Anonymous said...

In the words of another blogger, he is just a 'clueless clod squatting in the Istana'.

What makes it bad is that he has a smart-ass mouth and is obscenely paid for not having done anything.

What makes it worse s that he worked for the Japs during WW2 - absolutely disgraceful.

Anonymous said...


'Clueless clod squatting in the Istana' says it all, in retrospect.

Still, there will be those who think otherwise. How bad Marcos, Saddam or Suharto may be painted, there are still people giving them heaps of praise. I am sure they are also extremely good in raising money for charity, by arm twisting, I suppose. Can people say no?

Anonymous said...

After retirement, Nathan also said he is now free to visit kopitiams and drink there.

Talk about the pressure of being a popular people's president !

Anonymous said...

Every one knows that Roti Prata is not worth that much. So if PAP pays millions for a Roti Prata pie, there must be something wrong or fishy. PAP leaders are great chess players and they always think a few steps ahead and thus paying an insanely high salary for roti prata is a well thought preparation to set as a precedent for future downstream important PAP presidents. Should the president's pay be reduced to half a million dollars or less per annum, Nathan is morally and duty bound to pay back to the treasury the total sum of the difference for twelve years. If he does not do that then his integrity is in doubt and of conscience Singaporeans will never find in him.

What takes so long for Gerard Ee's ministers, president and MPs Salary Review Committee to announce? Well, if the salary structure is still high, then it will definitely be a big and serious issue in future General Elections.The PAP government must listen to the people or else its mandate to govern will be removed by Heaven with great catastrophic consequences. You may call Singaporeans daft and inconsequential, but don't trifle with Heaven.


Anonymous said...

I did not ask to be the President.
I did not ask for the big fat pay. I did not ask for the job.
I did not ask to run again.

I am just a simple and innocent man answering the call of duty. Please don't put the blame on me.

My conscience is clear.

Anonymous said...

Ya right. This the same guy in the Laju Incident who lied to the control tower and said he's sent by the PM of SG during the negotiation. Of course, he can lie with straight face again and say his conscience is clear..practice makes perfect. If you can trust an ex-ISD guy that is.

Anonymous said...

ISD or whichever govt agencies, there are always the good guys and the not so good guys. Some are just trying to make a living. poor chaps.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's peesident's job is considered The Best Job in the World. Just have to shake hands, cut ribbons, kiss babies and kiss the ruling party's asses. Then take at least $4 million per year with free pension and healthcare for the entire family for a lifetime.

Nowhere can you find such high pay do nothing job in the entire universe!

Anonymous said...

Don't play play hor. He does all those hand wavings and shakings and baby kissings with "dignity and distinction". Or so said another blur!

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