Wow, wow, wow!

Good things come in threes. We have the three iconic towers in Marina Bay, the three wise men, now three dinosaurs are coming. They cost only slightly more than a billion bucks, including the housing for the mammoth exhibits. Any visitors seeing the exhibits will definitely say, Wow!

For $1b, the wows don’t come cheap. But what the heck, we have so much money and dunno what to do with them, getting wows is not a bad thing too. I will suggest that a floating platform be built in the Marina Bay Reservoir so that it would not take up more precious space from housing. It would not be of a shoebox size for sure. Shoe boxes are only for the privileged citizens.

Alternatively the $1b can be used to buy a boulder of gold in its natural state, to replace the dinosaurs. The value can appreciate over time, and there will always be buyers for the gold. I think there will be the wows looking at the glistering gold, wow!.

By the way, who is paying for the dinosaurs? If I am going to pay for it, would I have a choice to say yes or no?


Anonymous said...

Some people have no sense of country. What has a foreign dinosaur got to do with Singapore?

Oh, I forgot. We have to welcome all foreigners, human or animal, alive or fossilized.

Anonymous said...

The Mother of all stupidity!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

At $500k for one HDB 5 rm flat, $1b can buy 2000 units of 5 rm flats direct from HDB.

And someone wanted to spend this sum of money for 3 pieces of bones. Why can't they pay for genuine quality copies in fibre glass or polymers and it would not cost $10m for the 3 pieces?

Spending OPM is easy.

Anonymous said...

Of course, you have no say on how these money are being spent. Where was this big sum in budget debated? Did auditor-general know this and question its value bring against the cost? Has the public been consulted or informed prior to approval in budget? Surely, some idiot who approves this has the mandate of the people because the parliament approves the budget. But, is the parliament really a representation of the people?

This is the issue of having a government with no accountability and transparency to its people. The GE2011 obviously did not wake up this ruling party and they will continue to spend on wrong priority stuff. Leopard will never change its spots. GE2016 is time to change all these stupid system. Vote wisely and start to watch this government from now.

Anonymous said...

the idea to pay so much for some bones is totally INSANE. esp in a country where old is regarded as a poor investment - old people, older homes r two things which come to mind immediately.

i like your idea of buying a huge lump of gold ore. at least that wont crumble with age and doesn't need upkeep!

but why talk of buying HDB flats?
how about help for the old and needy? how about removing GST from medical treatment and medicines? $1.24B can go pretty far.

which brings up another point: Why the heck are they suggesting paying doctors more? how much is it worth to anyone to have, say, a 20% hike in salary to give up your life for work, to ruin your health with work? hey these guys are putting in 100 HOURS A WEEK! madness...

and how many mistakes would such pple be making with so little rest and sleep!?!?!?

the police are getting their normal no of hrs of zzzzzs and off-time, yet see what a mess they'v gotten themselves into. the brain still not working.... some might say the same of ministers.

if anyone deserves more money, surely its the nurses. but NOT so they will work 100 hours a week. rather it would be to raise the attractiveness of the job, get more pple to take it up.

the dinosaur money can also be spent on subsidisng medicines that are up-to-date. the current subsidy list is majorly out of date, for generation 1, 2 drugs when pple r on to generation 6 and 7 drugs.

if they really want a different kind of museum, why not something where the latest technologies are displayed? it can be ever evolving, would inspire creativity, offer great lessons
and awareness, and better reflect this country's claim to look to the future.

if the museum does go ahead, the bones of the idiot who thought of the 3 dinosaurs should be exhibited. People can then look back on what happened to pple who waste money on stupid ideas...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi, The 2000 5rm HDB flats is just an example to show how big a sum of money is that $1b. It can buy a lot of things and make life so much better for so many people.

And yes, who has the authority to approve the expenditure of $1b? Does a minister has such an authority, or does it need the approval of Parliament?

It looks like someone has already approved this purchase.

Anonymous said...

These are the type of people who were brought up in a culture of thinking very big. What is $1b? Just a few peanuts. Other people's money what!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is reported that the Scientific Advisory Committee approved this buy.

Who are they and do they have the authority to expend $1b? I hope the money comes from somewhere else, and Singaporeans need only contribute that US$12m to be raised by public donation.

That may be ok. Anyone knows where is the fund coming from?

Anonymous said...

They splurge all the money on F1, YOG, World Netball Championship, a billion $ bringing Kallang River into Bishan, and now this stupid money spent on dead dinosaurs.

But when it comes to caring for citizens, a little bit more help is questioned and probed.

What has happened to all the talk about caring for Singaporeans first and all those shit that were spouted recently? The billion dollars could have been used to build many old folks home and help more poor families. They must have been thinking that Singaporeans really have short memories.

Another lesson in 2016 is indeed needed.

The said...

redbean, are you sure they are not referring to THAT other special troika? Those 3 ministerial dinosaurs who became extinct after the last GE.

How about offering the Tri-Tans as Presidential-wannabe dinosaurs on permanent exhibits (they can pass off as triceratops). Afterall, our President's main function is as an exhibit.

Anonymous said...

Some companies or individual definitely stand to benefit from this deal hence fighting tooth and nail for bones to be brought to Spore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Soon we will have our own version of Madame Tussaud and all the past presidents and prime ministers will be on parade.

But they need to increase security knowing our local culture. Don't be surprise that some will offer joss sticks and pray for 4D numbers.

Anonymous said...

rex comments as follows,
someone posted a link of the board of directors of the musuem, the chairman comes from Temasek company, and one of the memebrs is Dick Lee.
I thought Dick Lee is some kind of a more musical Mr Brown, i had seen some of his politically in-correct songs. Maybe Dick Lee can do something ... write a petition and sing songs for a good cause.. we are Fried Rice Paradise : )


Anonymous said...


They used to laugh at the Malaysians throwing money at useless projects as akin to buying paints to splash on walls to tell the whole world that they can afford.

We are going along the same route.