Who is getting the most heat?

As the Presidential Election gets closer, the heat is building up. It used to be one way, with the main media setting the agenda, and the ‘outlaws’ on the run, targeted and trying their best to duck the arrows. With the new media in play, not only the ‘outlaws’ are being arrowed, the ‘in laws’ are finding the situation a bit uncomfortable as well, as they have never been in such a position before, with their dirty laundry and skeletons dragged out of the cupboards.

Of the four candidates, Tony Tan is in heat or deeply in the heat. Cheng Bock, Kin Lian and Jee Say are getting some shit but not as bad. The past is catching up with the present. There is no running away. When both sides can play the same blame game or shit throwing, it can end up with who is better at digging for shit. And the more one party tries to dig deeper, the other parties will not be outdone. The playing field is finally levelled.

Tony may be regretting for quitting his comfortable position in GIC which probably paid more than the EP and without having to face the ugliness of the media. I think it is a bad decision for him to offer to run for the EP.

The real heat is actually on the shoulder of the three wise men. They are to decide who meets the stringent legal criteria to even stand as a candidate. And the whole population is watching them like a hawk. Any mis-step is going to see their fathers and mothers being invited to the media for a big screwing. They have to think very carefully. Their integrity as honourable and respectable citizens are at stake.

Do they have to take sides? Or in a non political presidential race, are there two sides and two vested interested parties to account for? To disqualify any of the candidates this time will bring the sky down for sure, unlike in the past when the people had no voice and no avenue to voice out their displeasure. To allow all candidates to get through will, ahem, make some corners very unhappy and uncomfortable.

The three wise men must act wisely, objectively, without favour, with the greater interest of the country as the key consideration. Anything else will bring the wrath of the people on them. They may end up as the villains in the history of this island. They are under pressure, tremendous pressure, to watch which way the wind blows. You need very strong and independent minded people who will act regardless of… to give the people a fair choice on who to elect as the mostly ceremonial, rubber stamper.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, was Tony pushed or did he volunteered?

Secondly, was the allegation about his son unfounded or based on unspeakable truth? No one except Tony knows.

Thirdly, is Andrew Kuan into the picture too? Ah, well, he was already on heat many years ago, so this time, the effect on him is probably less severe. And he will probably be well supported too.

Anonymous said...

What is the background of the 3 wise men?

Must they also resign from all membership to political parties?

Anonymous said...

Three wise men? Hahaha!

Act wisely? More Hahahas!

Greater interest of the country? Most Hahahas!

Anonymous said...

Well Mr Tan's darling son got a nice stint to some soil disease research for his national service. We do not see any improvement for his efforts but he got a nice assignment that further boost his career options. It was laughable when another PSC scholarship holder claimed he spend the 12 moons mopping floors 8)

Anonymous said...

"Tony may be regretting for quitting his comfortable position in GIC which probably paid more than the EP and without having to face the ugliness of the media. I think it is a bad decision for him to offer to run for the EP". Unquote.

Well, he could very well return back to GIC when he failed to win the Election, just liked he left the Cabinet, went in again and left again. And in again if the Sin President is also a member of the Cabinet.
But chances of him getting elected is almost 'edac'(nil).

Anonymous said...

I am glad that one of Dr Tony Tan's son's NS records have been so thoroughly investigated.
I thought he has four sons, of whom the eldest is a lawyer. Anyone knows about the NS record of this eldest son?
Dr Tan has nothing to worry if he has nothing to hide.
He would win more votes if he comes out completely clean.

Anonymous said...

Well, wearing all white is thought to be already completely clean.

Or so they think.

Anonymous said...

That story about Mindef being concern about the soil disease really nicely made up, but sorry lah, it is too good to be true.