Vote PAP for more FT Policy?

Would this be the election slogan of PAP in 2016? The praises heaped by LKY on the great contributions of the foreigners and how Singapore owed them for being what we are today is a clear message that this country, or is it a country, must continue to depend on more foreigners to bring a better life to the daft Singaporeans. During his speech, and Hsien Loong’s, the immigration door is fully thrown open, an open invitation for more foreigners to come ashore. 900,000 may now be an under estimation.

We are going to celebrate our National Day in another few weeks. 46 years of independence and nation building and economic progress. We owe it all to the foreigners. Without the foreigners, we would not be punching above our weight. I think I saw a rat standing on the head of a lion and thinking it is roaring like a lion. That is beside the point. The truth is that for 46 years, the daft Singaporeans were sleeping. Or they were lazy and not contributing anything useful to the progress of this place.

Today, they woke up to enjoy all the good stuffs, and have the foreigners to thank for. I fear the day the foreigners leave or stop coming, the island will sink, and yes, all the women folks will end up as foreign maids. And everything will ground to a halt. The daft Singaporeans will not be able to do anything to maintain the prosperity and growth of this island. And all will become the poor coolies like their forefathers one more time.

And by then, regrets will be too late. Without the foreigners and their talents, we will be finished. Quickly change the National Day message to make sure the foreigners get it, that they are indispensable to our well being and we will kneel down to beg them to come and stay with us, and have our jobs, the jobs that we are unable to do for the lack of talents. Majulah, the Singapore Spirit? Or Majulah, the FT Spirit!

I am convinced by the powerful arguments. I am a new convert. I will join the 60%. It may be a bit too late to change the theme of this year’s National Day Parade of the Singapore Spirit. I hope the foreign talents will not be offended. The theme for the next NDP is obvious. We shall celebrate the Foreign Spirit. Our FTs will be honoured and be invited to be the VIPs. Dick Lee and his gang, please step aside. We will bring in some FTs to write a FT song for the parade. After so many years of praising our coolie spirit and how a fishing village became a modern city, it is time to honour the true contributors to our progress, so that we can punch above our weight.

I am getting excited about the thoughts of NDP 2012. It is so refreshing.


Anonymous said...

The fervour of the post election talk about taking care of Singaporeans first is starting to move back into pre-election mode.

Take note of the yoda's comments about foreigners raising the standard of living of Singaporeans and you know where we are headed.

In red dot, nothing changes. Only the makeup changes. Wash that away and it still reveals the same old wrinkles and all.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

PAP thinks that the foreign talent road is the way to go. After the jolt of the last GE they must have reassessed their policies and concluded that it is still the right thing to do. And they will do it cause they think it is right.

How many of you agree with this PAP stand and the voters will still vote for them in the next GE?

notanotherspinstory said...

"Majulah, the Singapore Spirit?
Or Majulah, the FT Spirit!"


F**ked-Up-Lah the PAP Spirit.
F**k-Off-Lah the FT Spirit.

Anonymous said...

If nothing changes, 2016 will be another watershed. It is good that watersheds are not known to be as damaging as a tsunami. That must be reassuring for Singaporeans.

But little by little, the opposition will have more time to chip away and recruit and build on their stepping stone.

It is really a blessing in disguise that the opposition does not win big all at once and start to form the Government. That would be too demanding on their meagre resources and manpower.

They should of course build on what they have, confidently, surely and steadfastly, now that they have captured a GRC and have more people in Parliament to learn the ropes, just as they have started with just two single seats.

But, of course, Singaporeans must wake up.