The virtues of ONE

This is probably the most profound economic political theory of all time. It emphasizes that for anything to work well, effective and cost efficient, it must be from the principle of ONE. One govt, one leader, one transport company, one bank, one voice, and one track mind. Singanomics is a mixed of political theory and economic principles.

Singapore is what it is today because of Singanomics. We are punching above our weight not because of foreign talents. That is a myth. We are what we are today because of one party and one man and an economic theory of ONE. We have practically one public transport system and having more than one, a system of multi transport operators will only lead to higher cost and inefficiency. Our transport system is so efficient and cheap or affordable because of this theory. It could have been worst if there are more operators.

Similarly, if we go the two party or multi party way, we will head towards total ruin. The most effective political system is a one party system, like the communist system in China. Everything goes when one party or one man says so. No dilly dallying like the western democratic system of multi parties. A waste of time bickering.

Soon in the not too distant future we will have only ONE BIG BANG, oops, I mean ONE BIG BANK. With one big bank, there will be great savings in cost with economy of scale. This is fundamental economics. We will have only one power station too, maybe a nuclear one.

What, did someone say it is too dangerous to put everything in ONE BIG BASKET? Too big to fail? No, that is a western fallacy as they could not produce the kind of talent we have. And as real good talent is rare, maybe one in 50 years, the Singanomics theory becomes more relevant. Such genius is not produced in abundance. So you can have one organization, one big corporation encompassing everything and be led by just ONE man. Supreme efficiency.

What happens if the Super One turns into a monster? No, cannot happen, will not happen, Never. Just believe me, this theory works like clockworks. We are a shining example of the virtues of ONE, of Singanomics. Who dares to say this theory does not work? It has worked for nearly 50 years, and still working, still kicking.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, why don't you change your title to The Power of One?

Anonymous said...

Yes, some one must write a book on 'Singanomics' based on the 'power of ONE'. Sure it will be a best-seller even in the western world.