Transport fare increases coming

Cost is going up, fuel cost, labour cost and buying of new buses. The commuters pay. The commuters are expected to pay for all the cost increases, bonuses, and the inability to increase profits from other sources. There is an expectation by the management that they must make so much profit. If all things failed to hit profit target, just raise fares. That is a sure fire way to meet profit target, and the easiest way to do so. The commuters must make up for the shortfall in profits.

It is not that the transport companies are making losses. In fact the profits are growing by the years, and in hundreds of millions. Can the transport companies absorb some of the cost with a little lesser profits in view of the higher fuel cost? Can the transport company pay lesser bonuses and lower salary increases to hold down cost?

Why is it that the transport companies are given the birth right to make profits and profits and millions of profits, and the commuters just have to pay?

For those people who are finding public transport unaffordable, please cut down on your travelling. Do not travel unnecessary if you don’t have to. Don’t go for bus ride or train rides just to pass time. Cycle, walk and find other means to amuse yourself. Take bus or trains only when necessary. Lower your expectations and live within your means.

Transportation cannot be cheap with cost spiraling. In fact walking is good for health. Go for long walks, there is a new green corridor, from Tanjong Pagar to Woodlands. Everyone is walking, for fun. Rich people also do that No need to take bus or train, and free fresh air too.


Anonymous said...

In finance, this is called cost flow-through.

And only in Uniquely Singapore that public transport has a 100% cost flow-through. This is a result of the monopoly enjoyed by the transport operators.

The government should then strive to rein in this monopolistic behavior. The PAP had attempted to create a picture of such control with the PTC, but anyone with an iota of intelligence will know that the PTC is just a rubber stamping committee.

But in short, everyone was expecting the price increase to come anyway. I can only tell the 60.1% to shut the **** up and dont complain.

To the fellow 39.9%, this can only serve to strengthen our beliefs.
Pity the daft and dumb Singaporeans

agongkia said...

You dun need a fortune teller to tell you that.But nevertheless,I had told you before .
How to recover the fine they paid for the security lapse?You think those new barb wire no need money buy meh?
So long as you take transport,you will have to bear the cost.
You people just got to learn to ride bicycle.Whether train delay or flooded,not for you people to complain.Our Ah Tiongs,china girls and Baya can ride bicycle,why can't you.
Walk,jog,roller skate,bicycle and ,if you are chio a bit,wear skirt and get free lift from those cheekopeks.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows this increase will surely come after elections .. but wow only after 2 short months!Cut the CEO's pay, bonuses & share benefits - she/he doesn't need to do anything to increase profits; just get PTC to approve fare increases.

Anonymous said...

What can we do? Do we have a choice? No competition means they just dictate. And they will tell you that if you do not like it, don't take public transport, just cycle or walk.

Everything is under their control. Go by taxi, you pay more, they will argue. Buy a car, you pay even more they will retort.
And the final nail in the coffin is always the argument that our public transport is very affordable compared to Tokyo, London or Paris.

So, we are perpetual dead ducks for sure. Dead ducks we were. Dead ducks we are. Dead ducks we will be.

Anonymous said...

If can, boycott the services.

Take a short walk instead of taking a bus/mrt.

Plan your trip carefully.

Wear black when going into mrt/bus

Anonymous said...

Cycling(bicycle/motorcycle) is not cheap too, repair/maintenance costs are high.
The risks that drivers cause/pose to cyclists and calls by many a Singaporean to penalize cyclists are also quite disturbing to cyclists.
The regular increases in public transport fare hikes is absolutely against the conscience and spirit of public service. Operators are earning PROFITS OF TENS AND HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS per annum for the last many years.

Anonymous said...

Who is in cahoot with the transport operators to squeeze money from the commuters?

Abao said...

I agree that the best will be to walk more instead of taking public transport.

Walking has the ability to open your eyes and see the minute details that happens in everyday life.

Anonymous said...


When you stay in the East and works in the West for example, how on earth do you walk to work? It would take one full day to reach the work place, unless you're suggesting to camp at work place as well?

Anonymous said...

Time for all to learn martial arts, the art of "Ching Koong", the ability to flit and fly across obstacles, trees, roof tops and the like; like those in the Kungfu movies. Once we master that, we can then all boycott. Then travelling to work from East to West is not a problem. We can literally tip-toe all the way to our workplace :)

Abao said...


lol, i never said that you should walk to work if u live that far, but like for your regular travelling to the local mall or locations within 20mins walk, you can take a walk instead of the bus.

Anonymous said...

Daft Singaporeans. What are you waiting for? PAP calls for people's action. Don't be a NATO, No Action Talk Only. The Party doesn't like that. You are expected to take action. So let all daft Singaporeans march to Parliament House to demonstrate against ill conceived policies which are detrimental to the people's interest. Remember we are the people and the Party demands people's action. Show the 'Party' Singaporeans are not dafts after all and are ready to act to protect their interest.

agongkia said...

anon 945
My grandfather walks many km to earn a living many years back.Its because of the convenience of modern day transport that we now feel the distance.
So walking from east to west is still possible.Try getting someone like apao to walk together,walk across causeway also can.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Because of the huge population that the govt is trying to grow and keep, the cost of transportation becomes so expensive that moving from one point to another is going to burn a hole in the pocket. What kind of life if people start to skim on paying for public transport and rather stay at home?

The huge population also raises the price of housing, congestion and building of smaller living units.

The mad people better stop this nonsense immediately.

Anonymous said...

it is not a sin for the rich to make themselves richer!
it is also not a sin for the poor to
wallow in self pity.
ideally, there should be a government to control businesses from fleecing the people.