Time to take ownership

I was at a foodcourt and happened to be next to a hot discussion on the future of Singapore. Two gentlemen, a citizen and a PR were in an intense discourse on the slippery road the country is taking. The PR was all heated up. He came here more than a decade ago and liked it, settled down with a local lass, and started a family.

He was terribly worried and angry at the things that were happening. He feared for the future of his children who are citizens. The boy would have to do his NS bits. What he was incensed with was the unfair competition that his citizen children were facing today and into the future. There were simply too many foreigners everywhere, in schools, in work place, queuing for medical services, representing Singapore in sports, and being imported here with full lodging and food provided, plus expenses, to compete with the children of citizens. The country is spending so much money and resources to bring up foreign children to compete with the children of citizens.

Many Singaporeans have left, ran away from the competition. They said competition is good. But the Singaporeans who left felt that it was unnecessary and unfair competition against the citizens and their children. Many are kpkbing in cyberspace. The happy ones are writing letters of praises in the main media of how great this place is and how great the foreigners are.

In the meantime the country is sliding down the slippery road to Third World. Today books were written about how we climbed from Third World to the First World. Tomorrow, there may be books written about how we slipped from First World to Third World. Several decades of nation building only made us a work in progress, not a nation. What rubbish! All the efforts is either wasted or ineffective, redundant stuff. What the hell have they been doing?

All the education on social graces, keep the country clean, do not litter, be gracious and kind, and compassionate, be a peace loving people, a safe and clean environment, are now at risk, deteriorating. We were turning into wine and almost became wine. But for greed of quantity, we added more peels, orange peels, banana skins, coconut husks, and all kinds of skins into the fermentation. Our wine is turning sour, and will not be wine anymore. It is back to square one.

The Japanese will not want to turn themselves into Third World. Over the decades and centuries, they have nurtured a people with discipline and social graces, and proud of being Japanese, to keep their country in a meticulous state of goodness. They will not accept the Third World being imported en mass to undermine a society, system and culture they took so long to build, just to make the economic numbers look good. Economic growth numbers are not everything. There are better and more important things in life, in the creation of a nation, in nation building, in the overall improvement of the quality of life, in social graces, in a clean and safe environment, in living life.

Look at what is happening around us? More litters, more crimes, foreigners coming here to cut up our people, beat up our people, more spittings and ugly social habits, all for what, economic growth numbers? Is that what we want for our children? Is that how we want our country to be? If the Singaporeans, do not agree, stop running away. Do something. Take ownership of the country and shape it the way you want it, the way YOU think is good. Not the way other people think is good. Singaporeans must take charge of their own country and future. One man’s goodness may not be the goodness for the rest of the citizens. Singaporeans must decide what they want for themselves and not accept everything that is thrown at them.

This is your country. This is your home. You stake your life and the future of your children for this piece of rock. Don’t let it go to the sewers. Don’t let it become Third World.


Anonymous said...

As a 'native' Sporean retiree, one can feel the change, in a gradual way, when taking the public tranpsort, and moving around in this little dot of ours. There are still many of these 'guests' around, but not in the sheer numbers felt before. Not sure about the work places and institutes of higher learning though.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In higher institutions, look at the academic staff list. In order to have higher rankings, they must have a certain percentage of foreigners. Also a certain percentage of foreign students. How ridiculous. Would these mean better quality graduates?

The dean list is crowded with foreigners, the good schools are crowded with foreigners at the top.

In workplace, if the CEO is a foreigner, you can bet he will bring with him his team of foreign talents. If the HR director is a foreigner, you can bet the recruitment results.

Anonymous said...

It was reported on the Straits Times that staff at Tiger Airways suffer from low morale and one reason was that Tiger Airways CEO Tony Davis (spelling?) brought in his cronies from Britain and ousted/undermined the local Singaporeans working currently.

And the story that follows we all are aware. What a shame to the Singapore brand.

So I would like to tell all Singaporeans, esp. the 60.1%, stop treating the angmohs like god and let them beat you and steal your taxi....

On the same note, option brokers given S$5000 bail and S$12000 bail for one of them to travel. Erm, do you know what is flight risk? I think I have seen enough of The Practice and Boston Legal to know that these people pose flight risk. But then again, why would they flee, they will just probably get a slap on their wrist for breaking Singapore law.

The taxi driver and the Singaporean who didnt retaliate should be jailed however. How dare they cause trouble to the angmoh gods.

Pity the daft Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Red Bean for voicing out for us.

In a globalised economy - There will always be people in the world who are willing to work cheaper than you. And there will always be people in the world who are smarter than you. At the end of the day, where does the singapore government draw the line? If this persist, we will see the disintegration of the social fabric of singapore society.

Anonymous said...

As a Singaporean we want to take charge but our world class leaders worship foreigners like king. Another 10 to 20 years Singaporean will become extinct. The rich will migrate to other countries but the poor will retreat into isolation of their own home.

Anonymous said...

Why should the 40% voiced out all these displeasures for the other happy 60%?

If they were happy with the dead bodies and crimes, police handcuffing their children, crowded buses or SMRT where fares keep rising, HDB flats that kept rising through the roof, gambling tourists from majority the rich but ugly chinese who have are famed for their social ills and lack of hygiene, foreigners who first take their jobs and now their children's place etc. etc...

Tell me, why should I in the 40% be the one who constantly speak out for these other 60% people who label us lunatic fringe but yet want to benefits from these kpkb, and they dont have the spine to stand up to their masters? Why?

We should ALL keep quiet, and let everyone suffer in silence..until they are fed up enough to start a bersih 2.0 in their own backyard.

The 40% should really do that...why keep giving the govts the ideas...for the 40% who suffers, I'm sure the 60% are feeling it too..they just dont want to rock their part of the boat, and want their cake and eat it.

Anonymous said...

Why should I care really? What future Singapore has? Be a real first world country. Come on, be real and pragmatic as our government always emphasizes. Life is short and why not find a way to make enough and retire elsewhere? Do you really believe Singapore will be there as a nation 50 years from now? Smart Singaporeans have already built their foothold elsewhere and perhaps only come back to make money. If there is no money to make here, why stay here? There are many other places in this world that offer much better life than what here can offer.

Anonymous said...

Anyone looking for a place fit for human or humane(treatment by others) existence, Sin IS NOT the place.

jax said...

to red bean: Amen amen, i say to u. spot on!!!

to anon @10.53: the old social fabric still exists? to me it has disintegrated already.

and from the recent survey by IPS, many older pple and pple from the middle class also feel what we once knew and enjoyed is long gone, finished, habis!!! And so they voted opposition. Amen.

to anon @11.52: yes, the 39.9% should shut up. the govt should start providing its own solutions to the problems it's created, instead of trying to pick pple's brains. the only prob abt keeping mum is how the heck can we open the eyes of the daft 60.1%?!

how else to point out that if you raise public sector doctors' salaries, a proposal on the table, it means even higher medical fees? let's not even talk of the mistakes tt the exhausted 100 hr a week docs are making....

Anonymous said...

I have seldom seen you write so angrily. And the anger is well deserved. We are slipping fast but the 60% is still sleeping.
Keep up the good work!