Talking down at the people

This is a political culture for several decades here. The dafts need to be treated as such. Father knows best and shall deliver. There is no need to listen, just be a deaf frog and do what is right. And if needed be, give them a public lecture on how lucky they were to have such talented leadership, and cheap too. They ought to be grateful for all the good things happening around them.

After the last GE, things took a dramatic change. Hsien Loong took the lead to apologise to the people for the govt’s mistakes and pledged to listen more to the people. Yes, the deaf frog is also listening I supposed. While those who have been talking down to the people were either whisked away or remain dumb, those who are still talking are now more polite and pleading with the people to give them time to do their jobs.

One or two tried some gimmicky comments and were taken to task immediately. Some are still learning and still talking down to the people. That is the advantage of being young. Young men tended to be a bit more cocky, a natural trait. The older and wiser ones are taking a different mode in engaging the people in the internet.

Would the younger leaders learn to be more engaging, more listening, or would they still think it is their right to talk down to the people? Ask lesser of the govt. Why don’t they ask lesser, take lesser, and do more instead? The people have got used to a very expensive govt that is asking more and more in terms of salary. And the people are reciprocating by asking more and more of the govt in return. You want to take more, show the people that you can do more, but not talk more. Talking is good when you can deliver. But before delivering, it is better to talk less and do more. Show the people what you can do. But don’t insist that you have done damn well when in fact you have messed up the show.

But as they said, it is good to be young. It is the privilege of the young to be a bit arrogant, a bit abrasive, and also the right to make some mistakes along the way. That is how older people gain their wisdom.


Anonymous said...

The young man soldier turned politician overnight, is he a soldier or politician, or a school prefect? He wanted the people to do the thinking and suggest ideas to the govt...for free while he is getting millions doing nothing but talking?

Does he know what he is talking about?

Anonymous said...

Suggesting ideas is one thing. Listening to suggestions is another.

The way he put it is simply telling us not to whine and complain, but solve the problem for them.

Wonder why they need such highly talented people for?

Anonymous said...

Soldiers are soldiers,
dogs are dogs.
Some dogs are like wolves and foxes
but soldiers are never politicians.
Military man at best can only be military dictators.
Take a look at all those military men turned politicians. Adi Amin, Marcos, Suharto, Gaddafi, so many of them.

Anonymous said...

This Major General Chan is a Shithead.I am not impressedwith his university education nor the way he spoke He is no soldier butt a pussycat as long he has not gone into a battle and a real war where one has to gun down an enemy

Sgcynic said...

If they can't lead, they just have to manage.

Anonymous said...

That former solder guy is definitely selectively deaf/blind. There's tons of suggestions and feedback from netizens posted on the internet to improve those broken policies. Yet he's not seeing/hearing any.

Anonymous said...

Some dogs are better than other dogs according to one expert, at least he thinks that sheep dogs are better at taking orders.

Anonymous said...

More often than not, military trained and pampered leaders have this habit of putting their hands in their pockets when they talk to you.

Some said this is because officers enjoy playing with their marbles or having their balls massaged when they are in uniform

But I think more than that. Army trained leaders tend to talk with marbles or balls in their mouth

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that a particular military trained leader does not even watch porn on the internet, so by assumption, how could those of their kind even bother to get feedback or suggestions from that source to improve their policies.

Getting their feedback and suggestions from the Community Clubs and grassroots is best. They can always be guaranteed of hearing only the good stuff. No whining, no complaints, so where are the problems?

Anonymous said...

He/she probably watches porn in his or her mind. How could this kind of hypocrite identify with the vast majority who do?
I think the leader must think he is living in the ivory of religious bliss.

Anonymous said...

Chan should join the other "military institution". You don't need to be a good communicator there. You just need to hold your erm...gun well.

Anonymous said...