Singapore’s two most valuable living assets

LKY and Chok Tong are in great demand as statesmen dispensing good advices to less experienced leaders over the world. There must be a beeline queuing up to meet them and to seek their views and advices on world issues and economic development.

These are two very valuable men. In fact world leaders will be more willing to hear their views and wisdom than Bush or Clinton and the likes from the White House. And to think that these ex American Presidents are taking millions on their public talks just for novelty sake, I am sure our two wise men could command a bigger lecture fee.

They should engage a manager to market their popularities and turn themselves into profit centres. It is also good for the country to have two eminent men in the lecture circuit and educating the world leaders. If world leaders are prepared to pay to listen to jokers or one line puns from Hollywood celebrities, I am sure they will pay good money to hear pearls of wisdoms.

What are we waiting for? Both are living legends of modern history. Why give free advice when there are plentiful of money to be made? The income can be used to defray the cost of their offices and the supporting staff.


Anonymous said...

President, Minister Mentor and Emeritus Senior Minister.
When none of the Three Wise Men Of Sin is around anymore, Singaporeans will really and surely know and feel HOW VERY VALUABLE, IMPORTANT AND PRECIOUS THEY WERE!

Anonymous said...

That is why now the government announces today that these valuable MM and SM or ESM will be having 2 part-time and 2 full time staff paid by the public fund.

Daft Singaporeans thought the leopard has changed its spots but in fact everyone knows who is still in charge. You can fool all the people one time and some people all time but cannot fool all people all the time. GE2016 is the time to change the ruling party to save the Singaporeans' Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Well, just hope that the State can survive without them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the state will survive alright. It's whether the PAP will survive after they are gone.

Anonymous said...

If their advice and opinion are so valuable to the rest to other countries why not make money out of it. Why make Singaporean tax payers paid for their well being let other who seek their valuable advice pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, the young talents like Tin PL and the generals will be ready to take over.