Singapore’s nuclear meltdown

The Fukushima nuclear meltdown is still on going. The heat will take a long time to cool down. Singapore too is facing an intense heat that is refusing to cool down as well. The massive anger and dissatisfaction over a once the pride of the nation housing programme is still generating heat at an ever higher temperature. Under the thick concrete covering of a nuclear plant silo, the heat is well kept within in the deep. The housing problems too was well wrapped up in papers and looked as if everything was fine, till one fine day when the wrappers were removed.

The DBSS is now like a piece of rotten shit, smelly and filthy and likely to be thrown away. Next in line will be the Executive Condominium while the BTO is likely to go as well. It is really disgusting, really, for something so good that could turn so wrong. And no one has a clue about it. How could they know when there were reassurances after reassurances that all was well. No need to ask how it came about. The truth is all out there. Only those with eyes wide shut will say that there is no problem, that it is a blooming success, and the administrator deserved a gold medal for all the great work. They did give one to Lim Kim San then, the Magsaysay Award, for solving the housing problem.

I am figuring what kind of award shall be given for creating a housing problem that is so deep seated that after so many cooling measures the heat is still simmering, hot. And the new MND Minister is having sleepless night. Poor bugger. Don’t stress the small stuff huh, or it will be bad for the heart.

When or how long will Boon Wan be able to douse the heat and bring temperature to normal? It took great ingenuity and determination and great effort to solve the housing problem of old Singapore. And it took great effort and ingenuity to create this mountain of problem for a new man to solve. And he is complaining. Can’t blame him, as the problem is in such a knot that it will take at least 52 man years to solve. Take care, Boon Wan.

And I read a recommendation to the losers that if they cannot buy a flat, don't buy. So what's next, look for a rental flat? If also cannot afford or no rental flat how? Pitch a tent at the beach? If the authority comes and arrests you how? Never mind, can get free lodging then, maybe somewhere comfortable in Changi.

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Anonymous said...

What is the problem with a little stress for the MND Minister when a a heart bypass cost only $8?

They probably wanted him there to show that the $8 bypass was no fluke, just in case the stress gets too intense.