Serving for Life!

Public service is also called civil service or civil servants, a job to serve the people. Some stay for awhile while some serve for life. Political leaders too are in the act of serving the people, as long as they are not self serving. Some serve a few years, some serve for life too. Some may argue whether they are serving the people or serving themselves.

One thing for sure, the people will have to serve the retired politicians for life, and to live in abundance. Serving for life is taking on a new meaning.


Anonymous said...


Sounds like the politicians don't owe us a living, but we owe the politicians a living.

Public service really is taking on a new meaning. Who is serving who?

tom lim said...

Well said.

It's amazing how these Political Leaders and their families can live this life without shame.

Whatever happened to ethics, morality & integrity ?

Anonymous said...

What is shame to shameless people?
'li e lian ci'(rites, ethics and propriety as in old day China) are no more mores of society.