Rise of Asia still a long way off

Chinese jets crossed into Taiwan airspace was the headline that screamed across several major Asian papers. For such a headline to be splashed across western media is normal and expected given their anti China agenda. But the headline is just the headline and does not cover the details of the story. Why did the Chinese jets crossed over Taiwanese airspace, and only temporarily? No, the impression given by the ‘western’ Asian media is that China is provocative, violating the territorial integrity of its neighbour, conducting an act of bullying. Why not a headline, 'Chinese jets chased away American spy plane?'

The truth is that the Chinese jets were pursuing an American U2 spy plane skirting its airspace conducting reconnaissance mission. If the Chinese were to do the same to American airspace, the Americans would be screaming foul and may shoot it down. No worry, if the Americans continue to conduct such spying mission against China, the Chinese will return the favour when they are able and ready to take on the world’s number one bully.

The Americans have been conducting such spying missions against all countries, including the Soviet Union, since the Cold War, and are still doing it. The Chinese have demanded that it be stopped as it is unfriendly and provocative. The Americans insisted that it is their right to fly over international airspace. Let this be documented and make known to the world that such an unfriendly act is claimed to be an acceptable conduct by the Americans. They have sanctioned such acts and do not see anything wrong with it. Other countries should thus also be permitted to do the same over North America. And they better don’t complain.

What the Americans can do, the rest of the world can do also. The western media will be on the side of the Americans in reporting such incidents. So too will be the ‘western’ Asian media, reporting such violations as acceptable when committed by the Americans and will scream aggression if the Chinese or any other country will to do so.

The Evil Empire will continue to bully the rest of the world, and China. But the window for such aggressive bullying is closing. The game of tic for tac will be played across the American shores. The evil and belligerent intention of the Evil Empire is clear as daylight. They will continue to bully the weak in the name of peace.


Anonymous said...

The Americans are saying that it is alright to mount CCTV outside your house to watch you. Try doing it to them.

Anonymous said...

I thought self serving logic only works in red dot!

This world needs another ending and another beginning to clean all the sins, greed whatever. But then, where humans are around, it goes back to square one immediately.

Anonymous said...

Legally American has the right since its plane is flying in international air space. Morally American is a bully. If any country has the mean to do so even on credit terms will like to do so to know more about the potential opponent. China has short of that means today. China should do like the American does now and American cannot complain anyway. This is a fair world if you have that means.

Southernglory1 said...

The bankrupt Evil Empire - US - does not intend to stop its provocative actions against China and the Chinese people. The political leaders in Taiwan are so daft and blind as to not able to realise that US aim is to divide the Chinese and destroy the Chinese . The Chinese in Taiwan should know better that blood is thicker than water . They should make up and unite with their fellow brothers and sisters in China to form a strong , powerful and proud Chinese people and country.

In the meantime China should do what US and the West are doing to China. China should provide arms , including nuclear arms to Iran, Libya, Cuba, Venezuela, DPRK and other sworn enemies of US. China should never trust US and the West. China should be perpetually vigilant and on the high alert and should continue to develop and arm her military with the latest and most modern weapon systems. China should continue to build up as a strong and powerful country both in the military and economy because a weak China will invite trouble and mischief from US and the West and may be its minions like Vietnam and the Philippines which are stupid enough to be made used of by US.