The perpetrators of violence

The Bersih Rally was a peaceful rally with tacit approval from the Yang di Pertuan Agong. The Govt also agreed to allow the Rally to be held inside a stadium. It was not meant to be an Arab Spring, but a call for a clean and fair election, prevention of corruption by the Govt, and a level playing field for politicians. Are these too much to ask for?

The Govt had a change of mind and no permit was issued. So the Rally became illegal. Once anything is declared illegal, the full force of the law and the legal gangsters can do anything they want against the ‘criminals’. On the contrary, anything that is declared legal, passed by the Parliament, will be legal and right, even corruption.

So, a peaceful demonstration turned violence. No, the demonstrators did not start it. They did not fight back. They sat on the roads leading to Merdeka. Pardon my pun. Who were the real perpetrators of violence? The demonstrators were sprayed with chemical treated water, tear gas, blasted by the might of water hoses and batons. And 1,600 were arrested for attending a peaceful Rally that ended in violence, by the authority that was there to prevent violence. Perhaps it was done for the good of the demonstrators.

Yes, the authority was there in full force, to prevent violence and to protect the peaceful demonstrators from harm. Looking at the parties that received the full brunt of the violence, you cannot miss the truth, as to who were the real perpetrators of violence.

Maybe, if the peaceful demonstrators were to handcuff themselves, they will be safe from violence against them. Handcuffing is the safest and most ingenious way to protect them from harm. It will keep them from harms way too, and to prevent people from causing harm to them.

My apologies if all this do not sound logical. It is Sunday morning, and a little hangover makes logical thinking a bit funny.


Wally Buffet said...


In Thailand, the red shirts are the good guys and the yellow shirts, the baddies.

Up North in that shithole, it's exactly the opposite. The red shirts are the villains and the yellow shirts are the downtrodden good fellas.

Wow, we live in interesting times. And this kind of turbulence is getting closer to home, too close for comfort.

Thanks guys for a good Saturday's worth of entertainment.

Now, let's get down to business from tomorrow eh?

Anonymous said...

Well, what happened i Thailand had triggered southwards, will it flow further south?

Any opinion ?

The said...

The Bersih demonstration is to ask for clean government and clean elections. So, what does the UMNO-backed counter-demonstration (the red shirts) stands for? Are they demonstrating for the continuation of dirty politics and money politics?

Anonymous said...

No lah. They did not ask for continuation of dirty and corrupt politics. They just say cannot ask for clean and fair politics.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

After so many years of divisive politics, the rakyat stood together, side by side, regardless of race or religion.

Communalism took a step back for the people to unite against a common goal, democracy and anti corruption.

Many photos were taken. The rakyat did not carry any arms. At most, the plastic bottle they brought along to drink. There were womenfolk, wheelchaired bound, and the oldies.

This could be a small step forward for a Malaysian Malaysia.