The new meritocracy

Regardless of race, language or religion, regardless of one’s background, worker or RMS, everyone who is good can aspire to be the best he can be in paradise. Through education, everyone can change his station in life and rise to the top of his profession or calling.

For several decades, many Singaporeans have lived their dreams, many become successful and living well. Singapore is a land of opportunities. If one is good, one can do well. There are no serious false ceilings to talk about, except one or two.

The country is run on meritocracy. No favouritism. This meritocracy has taken on a new meaning, regardless of nationalities. We welcome foreign talents and they can find their dreams here based on meritocracy. Membership has its privileges but meritocracy is paramount. Citizens that are no good will be discarded based on merits.

The new National Day Pledge may need a little modifications like the Gaga Song. We the people of Singapore, regardless of race, language, religion or nationalities….The National Day Message must be one where we acknowledge that we welcome foreign talents based on meritocracy. Maybe they can become political leaders and run for PM and the Elected Presidency as well.

One more thing, all the restrictions against foreign talents owning or buying properties must be removed. We cannot discriminate against our foreign talents. And so are all the unjust policies where foreigners should pay more for this or that. Let this be a truly meritocratic country where talents are welcomed from across the world, to help the daft Singaporeans and to give them a lift to better life.

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Anonymous said...

This meritocracy has taken on a new meaning. Right. It is 'money talk cracy'. Everything boils down to how much can we charge.