A new game called Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunting has taken on a new meaning in paradise. About 10 bodies were found over the last few months. Yesterday two more bodies were found, one in Clementi and one in Serangoon Reservoir. The Clementi body belonged to a housing agent and her housemate, another woman, was arrested. The body in the reservoir was an elderly man.

Just a month ago half a body of a Chinese National was found in Bedok Reservoir. Later another 5 were discovered. And these findings were random. If a concerted effort to search for bodies is mounted, there could discover more I supposed.

How about a Treasure Hunt and a reward for everybody found? Oops, better not, or else more bodies will be fabricated just to claim the reward. This is a new phenomenon here. Never heard of so many bodies being found in so short a spell of time.


Anonymous said...

There's an eerie atmosphere in Sin.

Anonymous said...

How far off from Johore are we as a crime hub?

Mahathir must be laughing in his shoes. And he is probably having the best laughter at that!

Sometimes, what we said about others, will just come back to haunt us. It's Karma.

Anonymous said...

looks like the skeletons really are coming out of the cupboard...
ok lah, reservoir, bushes etc

and these r just the physical ones. are other sorts - financial etc - all akan datang?

peculiar tt they r all popping up at the same time.

Anonymous said...

When the time comes they will say: We cannot expect no crime. That will settle all the questions about why crimes are up.

It is the same with the floods. They just tell us not to expect no floods and thereafter floods are no longer an issue. How simple! And for that we need million dollar brains!