The most destructive human enterprise

Going green, saving mother earth, conservation, protect wild life and forests, these are the slogans that slipped freely and profusely from the mouths of environmentalists and govt officials. On the other hand they went blindly to destroy mother earth at a faster speed than these slogans coming out of their mouths.

At the Singapore Water Lecture, a recipient of the Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize, Dr James Barnard said, ‘…with a growing population, pure drinking water is becoming a scarcity in many countries.’ Yes, the most destructive human enterprise is human multiplication, reproduction. Every human brought into this earth is going to consume a life time of resources and food, and drinking water. The earth is under stress by the growing population, the number one cancer, which directly lead to all the destructive enterprises, high consumption of food and resources, and energy, global warming, deforestation, emptying the ocean of fishes etc etc.

The world is being destroyed by humans trying to multiply themselves, for economic growth. Singapore is doing its bit too, by cramming more and more people into the piece of rock. We used to have all the water we want, with some from Johore, with only three tiny reservoirs. Today we have 17 huge reservoirs, desalination, shit water, and still some from Malaysia, and we are complaining that water is not enough. We can never have enough of water, power and everything if we crazily add more heads to devour them.

And this also leads to some clever arguments on how to make the people pay more for these rare resources. Or are they versions of self serving logic, to enrich the provider of these resources? Making people pay obnoxiously using self serving logic will lead to karmic retribution. Robbing the people’s money or taking the people’s money from them for all the wrong reasons is not free lunch. There will be pay back time.

17 reservoirs and 3 more taps still not enough. Why? What is the moral of the story? What is wrong with the formula or solution? The simple answer is headcounts. Try 6m or 10 million, you may have to turn the whole island into a reservoir to provide enough water for the people. But also a good reason to make the people pay more for water consumption.


Anonymous said...

Nicely said

Pity the daft Singaporean

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Nature has provided us with ample land and resources, food and water, to live a healthy and meaningful life. We choose to have rapid economic growth, to over populate the land, to exhaust all our resources, to deplete whatever Nature can provide, to upset the balance.

Then we try to convince ourselves that drinking shit and urine is good. Do we really know? In the long run, we still don't know what is installed for human beans in the long run, for consuming shit and urine the artificial way, of GM food, fertilisers etc etc.

Nature's Way is the way to life. The unnatural way is the way to self destruct. The way Nature process water is very different from how human beans process water.

They say if you eat too much pork, beef or mutton, you will smell like them. If you keep drinking shit water and urine, maybe you will smell like shit and urine too, one day.

Anonymous said...

If we don't crowd the island, there is no need to drink shit and urine. Why ask for it?

What do the rich drink? your urine?