The last talented yodas

The people rejoiced when it was announced that JY Pillay is coming out to save Tiger Airways. Cheers and jubilations everywhere like the appearance of the American Hero, the one wearing the red underwear inside out. On the other hand I feel so sad, so tragic, that Singapore needed another yoda to come out from semi retirement, to save a small little organisation. It is frightening, how many more yodas we have left before we ended up high and dry?

The few yodas left are the few native talents we have produced in this little island. After their arrivals, from a stroke of providence, there was a long eclipse, and no more talents were produced here. And that is why we are so dependent on the yodas, some actually walking corpses, and in their place we have to beg foreign talents to save our future generations.

We need not fear of Singapore going into the gutters when we have a strong opposition presence in Parliament, to be called a two party or multi party system. We need not have to wait for that long for it to happen.

Singapore will go down within the next few years as most of the leftover yodas will be gone. Deleted. And without them, you can bet that they will be no one to save Tiger Airways, or SIA, the big banks, the public transport system or any organisation or institutions of any worth.

Unbelieveable but it happened. When there is no native talents available, go knocking at the caves of the yodas. If that fails, open the door for more foreign talents. So pathetic. We are indeed a country dearth of talents. I am still so amazed, very lost, that they could not find anyone to save Tiger Airways except to fall back on a yoda. This is slightly better than finding a departmental store manager to run the MRT.

I just dunno what to say.


Anonymous said...

SG will hit a death knell for its native talents in the next 5 yrs. Much the same way like the graduate mothers (deemed in LKY's & his cabinets eyes) are the only ones qualified to have children. The damage and psyche are already done and inflicted upon Singaporeans.

PAP distaste to give opportunities and nurture local talents have grown to out f proportion. If we do not stop them in time, there'll be just a hub for foreign talents to come and go. A look at DBS recent head is another example. A look at how they are recycling Tony Tan as President candidate another good example.

I suspect a lot is to do with power sharing. They want to limit the # of local talents from any middle/bottom gene pools (there are!) and so they can manage the FTs that are more dispensable at their whims and fancy.

Anonymous said...

Did our education system failed to produce talents? Or is it that our gene pool is poor? Why are we so dependent on the oldies?

Is this a joke, a country with no new talents and everyday looking for grandpa for help? Grandpa must die and very soon. So what happens? Habis!

Anonymous said...

Well, when even the ruling class have occasionally to resort to bringing out their own grandmaster to quell the occasional unpalatable
murmurings of the ruled, what is there to be surprised. If we lack real talents even among the rulers, that means 'santa maria' lah!

Anonymous said...

Sin will end with the demises of the Yodas.