It is easier to get a BTO flat

Boon Wan showed some statistics that first timers applying for BTO flats are finding it easier than before. With his ramping up of the housing programme, more units are being built to meet the demands of first time flat owners. This is good news as it will mean that these new buyers(citizens and reservists) will be able to get relatively cheaper govt flats than from the private sector and not be forced to take up a big mortgage that could make life quite uncertain and draining their savings.

For almost 10 years, HDB had scaled down the building programme and cost many first timers many trying times to get their flats. Some were unfortunate and ended being pushed out of the public housing programme after several years of unsuccessful attempts. Some could have bought into private properties. Some are still stuck without any, with their income ceiling exceeding the HDB limits but not enough to hang themselves with a frightening loan when buying private properties.

These young people, some with genuine financial obligations, some being prudent and not wanting to be high in housing debt, are still waiting for a little mercy from HDB to be allowed back into the public housing programme. It was never their fault to wait till their income ceilings exceeded. When they first applied, for the first 3 to 5 years, their incomes would definitely be within the HDB limits. But with the passing of every year, the eligibility slipped away.

They should thank Boon Wan’s predecessor for their plight when the queuing system and building programme were drastically altered. Would Boon Wan make an exception, in his compassionate best, to accommodate those who are still left in the lurch? Or would he adopt his predecessor’s famous logic, that these people should buy private and not add into the public queue? It is the faults of these first timers for not buying a public flat when they could. Good riddance.


Anonymous said...

What this mini-clown MIW never told you about is as long as you have $$$ and lot of it and willing to pay premium for BTO, BTO is no problem for you !

It reminds me of this clown that keep denying that you don't have to wait for long waiting time to be treated by public hospital and has statistic to shown it, but he just hide the truth only if you willing to fork premium money for it ?

All these bastards really think Singaporeans are fool !

Anonymous said...

Redbean is too optimistic about the New Housing Minister and are there so many SINGAPOREANS starting families?
One criteria for eligibility to buy a public housing unit requires partnership or marriage.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I just posted a follow up on this. Were both policies bad or one bad one good?