A few simple questions for the presidential candidates

With the three Tans, all ex PAP candidates, in the fray for the most highly paid president job in the whole wide world, for that matter, no president comes even near or half of what these president hopefuls will be getting, I just want to ask them individually, a few simple questions.

1. What would he think are the reasons/justifications for the EP to be paid $4m, plus whatever performance bonuses and growth bonuses if applicable?
2. Can any one of them confirm that the $4m is all the EP is getting and nothing more, excluding all the costs for the maintenance of the office?
3. Do the candidates believe that the remuneration for the EP is reasonable, or too much or too little?
4. If given a choice, how much does he think would be a reasonable sum for the EP?
5. If elected, will he take the full salary as what is deserving of the office, or would he think that it is too much and he would like to donate some to charity, and how much would he donate?

Answering the above questions will definitely help the voters to decide who they will elect. These are now the real issues that the voters are asking. Not how independent they are from the PAP. Never mind if they are sponsored by the PAP or not. Never mind the custodial duty or ceremonial duties. We all know what those duties are.

The people know that all the candidates are independent from the PAP. The people also know that they are not sponsored by the PAP. The people also know what each thinks his role is as the EP.

Just tell us how much you need to be the EP will do.


Anonymous said...

Good questions.

Excellent contribution to the ongoing public discussions.

Anonymous said...

rex comments as follows,

i don't agree with your statement that "the people know they are no sponsored by the PAP"

i presume you use the wide meaning of "sponsor" as in "support" rather than "fianncial help".

Is it not cler that Tony Tan is sponsored by PAP in that sense? Do you still need to be convinced of this? Just listen to the heaps of praises from the demigods and TonyTan's own SPH.(10 articles about him!! This is not only sponsorship but downright blatant unfair propaganda!)


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi rex, sponsored or not sponsored, nevermind, not important. Just believe what they said. Let's be generous on this point.

We all know what the president can or cannot do. We just want to know how much do they think they should be getting for doing this job.

We could even have people willing to pay for the chance of being the president.

Anonymous said...

How to answer yr Qs ? Then get sacked even before election !

agongkia said...

One kopitiam Tua Pow Sian was heard saying he will donate 50% if he is elected.
50% mean that he still has a annual salary of 2 m.
That is to say he still think 2 m is justifiable.

Oops sorry,
Apology to the First Lady,my former form teacher,I dun mean anything,just that I am taught to be honest with my view.

Anonymous said...

Telling the people how much they should be paid is telling on their motivation and conscience.

Anonymous said...

You asked one good question about why the three presidential hopefuls did not ask why the elected President need to be paid $4m for effectively doing nothing.

Guarding the reserves issue is one mountain made out of a molehill, and most Singaporeans bought it lock, stock and barrel.

Now one of the hopeful is telling us that he is going to donate a large part of the remuneration to charity if elected. And needless to say, that will earn him much credit and accolades.

Why not just say that the elected President should not be paid that much and set an example by accepting a lower remuneration instead. Isn't that more logical.

By doing that he would be doing Singaporeans a big favour by setting a lower benchmark for the pay structure for future elected Presidents to follow.

Anonymous said...

Already Tan Kin Lian has answered some of the questons. He will donate most of his salary away.
So at least we know who we will support on this issue

Anonymous said...

Pay them as much as they want, it's not an issue.
The QUESTION is what had any Sin President done for the people? Seated at the VIP Seat for Singaporeans to donate to Singaporeans?
Travel the World as a dignitary and receiving the foreign dignitaries with lavish at the Istana and super class hotels. Wine and dine at functions and events. At most, kisses babies and shaking the hands for show and photo shoots are all that we got to see.
Do something that WILL MAKE THE CITIZENRY wants to pay You more than what the Current One gets.

The citizens know how to reward You when they see your usefulness, but, if You do as You are functioning now, $5Ks a month is already too much. You are not worth it so to say.

Anonymous said...

I think many know the job is as easy as a sitting deity, although they made it out to be difficult. That is why so many are eyeing the $4m windfall.

The only problem is that, as in all things PAP created, the hurdles are built in such a way that the PAP knows only a few will stand a chance and that those few are almost always those that they can bet on to tow the line.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just pay me half a million to write my autobiography or write my blog and I will be ecstatic.