Expensive yo yos

I was at a toy shop looking for some toys to amuse myself. And I must say that adult toys are really getting quite expensive, and many would be just too much to pay for. Just for curiosity I asked the owner of his most expensive toys. He pointed to two yo yos.

I was amazed by the price tags. Unbelieveable! So I walked over to take a closer look. There were testimonials attached to the two yo yos. Mine, great stuff for reading. They were previously owned by top celebrities and had performed in many big events, had seen better days. Despite the price tags, they were a bit worn down and had lost some of their shines.

I asked the owner how long had they been on the shelf. He said quite a while. Some customers came to ask but were taken aback by the asking price. Some thought the asking price was a joke. Looked like they would be left on the shelf for a long while, I thought.

I asked the owner about the chances for the two yo yos to be sold. He grinned. ‘Don’t worry, just wait for some suckers to come by.’ Anyway, by pricing them so high, it made the rest of his stocks looked cheap.

Brilliant sales tactics. I believe he will soon put up a big sales sign claiming 50% discount. That would make the yo yos look like a bargain.


WL said...

Maybe one day soon, the customers will realise the stocks are all over-priced (even with 50% discount), decide to patronise other shops, forcing this shop to close down!

Anonymous said...

Where are the yo yos?

Anonymous said...

look at Lee Kuan Yew School.