The debate between foreign talents and citizens

This debate has been going on for quite some time and some heat has been generated as a result, with some getting personal and Singaporeans being accused of being xenophobic. The debate is healthy but when pointing a finger, one has to be aware that the foreign talents should not be blamed for being here and taking away the jobs from local PMETs. Neither should the foreign talents blame Singaporeans for exhibiting some hostilities. Both are misplaced.

Put it simply, if there is no policy to invite the foreign talents here, if the immigration door is not opened by the govt, no matter how hard the FTs tried, they will not be able to get in. The fault is not with the FTs.
And Singaporeans got reasons to be angry when their jobs are taken over by FTs but not at the FTs. If someone let in the thieves, don’t blame the thieves. Singaporeans should not direct their anger blindly at the FTs, the FTs too would not react so negatively to Singaporeans.

As the saying goes, while the two balls got hanged banging at each other, the guilty one is still having a good time screwing around. True or not?


Anonymous said...

The xenophobia arises because the uninvited guests becomes too comfortable and demands the same rights as citizens, particularly the Indians. They look down and demean the locals and stick to their own enclave, bring their 3rd world behaviour here and rightfully demands it as a way of life. They SHOULD always remember that they are "guests", do not overstay your welcome and do not push things too far.

Anonymous said...

there are good and bad guests,
the bad ones, like the ones reported in today's press, the three bastardised fellas who were charged for assaulting our cabbies and fellow Sporeans and infringing our laws in a most uncivilised way.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

For these 3, anything less than jail and caning will not appease the citizens. They must be made as an example for beating Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

If someone let in the thieves, don’t blame the thieves.

I'm not trying to extend the analogy here, but even if someone let the thieves in, surely you can be angry with the thieves?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sure we can, especially the nasty ones. But they are not the cause of the problem. They were invited in, encouraged to be in, made to feel very welcomed.

Soojenn said...

"They were invited in, encouraged to be in, made to feel very welcomed."

What if they were invited in... they were definately not invited in by Singaporeans per se.

Coming into Singapore and then behave incredulously.. it will only be natural for Singaporeans to react negatively. In some other countries, where the people are not as mild... they wouldn't even have the cheek to behave in this manner.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Soojenn, when the people abdicated their rights to a minority to rule them, to think they are the smartest of all, and will do what is good for you, you lost your right to your life, to your property, to freedom of choice.

Yes, the people deserve the govt they elected. But they can still change their mind and choose those that will serve them better.