Crossing the Rubicon

Anyone who has been fed with a diet of Hollywood or Hongkong movies must be familiar with the endings of gamblers in gambling dens. The stories almost always have a similar sequence and a similar ending. A habitual gambler could be on a winning streak and walk away with his winnings. This can go on and on as long as he does not break the bank.

A certain amount of winnings is tolerable to the operator. Once the rubicon is crossed, when the takings are too high, the gambler often live to regret for taking so much. He could be robbed, maimed or may even pay for his life.

A smart gambler will know how much he should take from the table and call it quits, and walk away to enjoy his windfall. A greedy gambler that does not know when the limit is up will not have the chance to walk away.

The moral of the story is simple. Don’t be too greedy. Greed will take you in and you will have to return everything, with a bad taste. Take some, win some, but always watch the rubicon.

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Anonymous said...

There is only one problem.

The greedy pigs will never believe You!