Battlestar Galactica Episode 2

‘Funny how SIA keeps putting foreigners in charge at their ICC (low cost carrier). Don’t they have faith in Singaporeans. I do. My Commercial Head is a Singapore. Odd company. If I were a Singaporean, I would really be upset with SIA.’ Tony Fernandez. CEO Air Asia

What Fernandez is saying is part of the Battlestar Galactica plot. There can be several reasons for this. One is that Singaporeans are really inepts despite their great paper grades. Two Singaporeans lack confidence and need to hide behind a European face to do business. The colonial hangover is difficult to treat. Four, and this is like doing a Michael Jackson act. No I am not white. It is natural, or a disease. Not my fault.

Don’t be surprise the next President could be George Bush or Bill Clinton if they are willing to change to a pink IC. Anyone clamouring to have Queen Elizabeth II as our head of state again? We will have Prince William and Princess Kate gracing our community centres and flagging off our marathons. Nice, ain’t it?


agongkia said...

The reason is simple,even low IQ people like me oso know.How come Tony dun know.Low cost carrier mean to keep the cost low and therefore should be manage by low cost management.
Simple as that.
Singaporean may be more capable,so what? They are demanding.How to keep cost low and call LCC if the Mgt demand for more pay.When they have more pay,passenger got to pay more.
See your transport fare increase.Manage by who?That is the outcome of not getting foreigners to be in charge.
Should consider putting foreigners in charge of our Transport system.
Sure fare will decrease.SIA should be commended if she really put foreigners in charge.
I love LLC.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi agongkia, I don't think the Angmohs running the tiger show are cheap. Oops, I mean tiger air. Neither the FT running SMRT.

I think the reason they are hiring the FTs is that they can't find sinkies good enough to be paid that much. Just my layman guessing.

Anonymous said...

lol agongkia

'Singaporean may be more capable,so what? They are demanding. How to keep cost low and call LCC if the Mgt demand for more pay.'

As if the angmos don't ask for more? Or they don't even have to ask, they are given more. You get the point?

agongkia said...

It appear to me that angmo are cheaper and "betterer" to manage LCC..
They do not need so much as their standard of living may be lower than here .
If I am someone in company A ,I can also say company B is funny as B is putting foreigners in charge instead of their own countrymen.I can say that becos when B is to get their countrymen,they will have to pay more and their product will be more expensive and therefore cannot compete with me,so I can claim that
my product is the lowest for another consecutive year mah.
Any reason I have sense,but cannot reveal here .

The FT running the SMR..may not be cheap,but they are likely "cheaperer" than local ah Saw.
And if they are more expensive than our local Ah Saw,it just shows that we have another chia leow bee.

Where is my S$0.99ct ticket?hehe..

Chin Chow said...

Mr Redbean is on to something.
We cant find good sinkies because they've left the country.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Chin Chow. Welcome to the blog.

Just wondering, if all foreigner helmed local companies were helmed by a Singaporean, not two day old new Singaporeans, would the company fold or do less well?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia is right. Ang Mohs are cheaper. Take our PM and Ministers for example. Are they not overly expensive compared to say the Aussie PM or Kiwi PM and their ministers? So, maybe the Ang Moh CEOs are cheaper to hire than locals.

Oh, please don't bring up the corruption fairy tale about being cheap but corrupt. That is another PAP logic to fool the masses.

Anonymous said...

The wise will see the points made by Agongkia.