The bankrupt hijacking ARF agenda

The Asean Regional Forum in Indonesia came to a peaceful closed but not before the world’s biggest bankrupt nation tried to hijack its agenda. Last year it tried to take over the leadership by nominating itself as the arbiter of the South China Sea disputes between China and its southern neighbours. This failed.

This year it tried a different methodology, insisting that all parties must show legal proof for their territorial claims, which Hillary Clinton forgot, would only weaken the claims of Vietnam, the Philippines and the rest of the Asean states involved. The Chinese have written records long before these states became countries and nations and have their own written languages. The Chinese were sailing the South China Seas long before these states built a boat that was more than 10m long and could sail the high seas.

Hillary still declared that ‘These incidents endanger the safety of life at sea, escalate tensions, undermine freedom of navigation and pose risks to lawful, unimpeded commerce and economic development.’ This was poof poofed by Yang Jie Chi, Chinese Foreign Minister who said China guaranteed freedom of navigation in the region and the proof was that no one had its freedom to sail in the seas impeded.

What Hillary wanted was the American’s version of peace and stability, without endangering safety of life, escalating tension, like in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, with American’s military might in full play. Fortunately the Asean states and China would not be drawn into a conflict dictated by the Americans and turn the region into another Afghanistan or the Middle East.

A bankrupt country, with US$14 trillion in debt, and expending US$4 trillion in the Afghan and Middle East Wars, is trying to start another war in East Asia. Now how much is US$14 trillion? The combined economy of Asean and Australia is only US$3 trillion. That is how big the American debt. And the Americans could not see the bleeding. They are running out of American dollars and could only resort to printing and printing. It is only a matter of time before they bleed to death. They just have no money to continue with their wars and war mongering. Every conflict, every day of wars is going to be every costly, and the clock is running before they end up like the former Soviet Union. The Americans would soon join the ranks of beggar countries.

The Americans again left the ARF empty handed, banging and pulling their hair with no one listening to their nonsense and war mongering.


Anonymous said...

What still puzzles me is this soap opera about raising the debt ceiling. Is raising the debt ceiling really going to solve the debt problem of the US or make it worse? Or, as they say, just a matter of kicking the can further down the road.

The way I look at it, the US will not, by any stroke of the imagination, be able to repay it's debts in a million years. So, raising the debt ceiling just means being able to borrow more.

By and by, it means defaulting and not paying back creditors forcing them to write off all debts. Is this the scenario that will emerge years down the road?

Anonymous said...

They are likely to play rough and use their guns.

Anonymous said...

'Mei Quo' ('the beautiful country', so undeservedly given, by courtesy of the Chinese language) has been trying, and no doubt, will continue trying to incite the nations linked to the South China Sea issue to involve themselves in dispute with China. Clearly, SE Asia of today, is no longer pliable to Western msichief making, and know full well where their future and well being hinges on.

Anonymous said...

Most knew that the US is the Evil One. But a few lackeys will still be American puppets, pulled by the strings.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans are trying to start a new theatre of tension and warfare in SE Asia to boost their war industry and economy. It is also another diversion tactics to take away the attention of the rest of the world from Libya and the other wars they are conducting.

While the UN only authorised Nato to maintain a no flying zone for Gaddafi's aircraft, Nato is now conducting a full scale war against Libya, while the world continues to sleep. The Europeans are bent on controlling and colonising the Arabs.

What can the world do about it? Or what can the Arabs do about it? They will divide the world and to eat up one sector at a time. The stupid Southeast Asians would soon be drawn into a major conflict and turn the region into another Middle East, fighting and killing everyday, and buying more weapons from the Americans, and inviting the Americans here to kill the Asians.

ZOPFAN will soon be a zone of warfare and destruction

Anonymous said...

With a US$14 trillion debt, the interest at 3% is US$520 billion. Just to service the interest would have bankrupt America.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that a country that can print money like pulp factory produces toilet papers can go bankrupt.