Awesome Red Lions!

Watching the Singapore Malaysia soccer match on Saturday was so satisfying and with a sense of pride. For once, don’t have to shake the head so often for silly passes and silly mistakes. Wow, we played like a real contender for a place in the World Cup. All the Singaporeans supporters walked with a special air around them after the game.

I was cheering and screaming, ‘Go Qiu Li, Go!’ or ‘Go Jia Yi, Go!’ Then the two great goals by Duric, the old war horse, at 40, still beats every young lion to shame. But he scored. We may missed the 2010 deadline to be in the World Cup. But what the heck if we can make it in a couple of years later. The World Cup is where we are going.

Singaporeans are all so proud of our national football team.


Anonymous said...

Goal 2100!

Singapura Boleh!

Anonymous said...

Duric will not last half a game in a tougher world cup match.

Anonymous said...

Sure, the Singapore's World Cup match with Malaysia on Saturday, was one good game, with all the thrills and spills of a classic encounter between two very competitive teams! Best of all, when Singaporeans came together as one to play, and to cheer. Majulah, to the Singapore team and fans!