The attacks on Presidential candidates

As expected the attacks on the presidential hopefuls will come in a matter of time. At the moment the guns were trained at Tan Kin Lian. Some smears have already been spread in the internet. Would it work or would it work to the advantage of Tan Kin Lian? The supporters of Tan Kin Lian will not be swayed by such smear tactics and are resolute in their support. They knew that some will have private agendas to bring down a candidate and it is nothing knew. Perhaps some could be mercenaries being paid to do the smearing, or some may have an axe to grind.

There are no saints among mortals. Everyone will have a few warts here and there. And it does not take much effort for the smearers to get hold of any unpleasant gossips to tar anyone. So far Tony Tan and Tan Cheng Bok have been spared the worst. But as the election gets nearer, will shit begin to flow more profusely? Will those who are comfortable with throwing shit dictate how the presidential election be conducted and every candidate walks away smelly and embarrassed? Or will there be some restraint by all parties to maintain some dignity and decorum in an election for the highest office in the land?

Who will set the tone? The first shit has been thrown. Will it get worst or will it end abruptly just like what happened at the Bukit Timah Holland GRC during the GE? The field is quite level. Everyone can play the same game. When the attackers feel that it is free for all and everything goes, it can get really nasty.

And finally Tan Cheng Bock is making his appearance. He has been absent for a while and there were speculations that he was told to back off. This has proven to be untrue. Now the action is just beginning. Would there be smears thrown at him, or at Tony Tan?

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Anonymous said...

Now is truly a TiTAN-nic contest with TSJ into the ring.
I'm actually excited by this prospect.
He's a strong and worthy candidate.
I'll be keeping a close watch on his campaign. And I'm sure with the recent GE campaigning experience under his belt, he will have the edge in this over the other two Tony & TKL, as well as a better feel for the ground could work to his advantage.