The Age of Obsolescence

Everything comes to pass. In the Age of Obsolescence, the process just gets a little faster. Everything gets obsolete in double quick time. The handphone, the Iphone, the computer, all becomes obsolete the moment it is bought.

Ideas too get obsolete too. Democracy is good. Democracy is bad. Dictatorship is bad, dictatorship is good. Big is good, big is bad. Monopoly is bad, monopoly is good. Big income gap is bad, big income gap is good. Corruption is bad, corruption is good.

Today a hero, tomorrow history. Today spreading wisdom, tomorrow talking cock. Nothing last when everything is changing fast. Europe is going, so is America.

How long will paradise last? How long more before it becomes obsolete? Oh, some things last forever. Myths and falutins. Myths or falutins preached as wisdoms will revert to their true forms as fast as they are propounded, and will remain in their real forms, forever.

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Anonymous said...

Greed is good. Greed is equally bad too.

The age of obsolescence? That applies to humans more than anything else. Millions of jobs worldwide have been taken over by robots. That is the under-declared part. The over-declared part is the constant hammering by the MSM of the West that China and India are taking away all the jobs lost by the West. Now, which is more serious going into the future?

Today, an investment of billions only provides a handful of jobs. Everything is done by machines. The rise of the machines is no science fiction anymore. It will replace the human factor in all manner of production.

Now, what will humans do? And with that question comes another question - why is there a need to procreate when humans are going to be redundant in the future world.