3 Tans and one more Tan

Tan Jee Say just announced his candidacy for the Presidential Election. With 4 Tans in the contest, this presidential race is going to be exceptionally heavy. By his personal disclosure, he looks like one that should have no problem with the Certificate of Eligibility.

Now the picture changes. 3 ex PAPs against an ex SDP. How would this change the odds and the choices of the people? If they are all anti PAP, Jee Say will be there collecting all their votes. The pro PAP camp will be splitted by the ardent believers for Tony, the old guards for Cheng Bock and the rebels for Kin Lian.

At first I thought it will further dilute the chances of ‘opposition’ biased candidates. But it may look good for Jee Say as the only non PAP associated candidate. But then there is Andrew Kuan. But he will likely be disqualified on precedence. His last application was unsuccessful.

So we have Tan, Tan, Tan against another Tan.


Anonymous said...

Thank GOD - S.R. Na(T)h(A)(N) is out

Anonymous said...

JS will get at least 40% vote. The others can split the remainder. That old man committee will be hard pressed between their moral (whatever left) and their boss.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My first choice was Kin Lian. Now I have Jee Say to consider.

Anonymous said...

Tan, tan, tan. Tan ku ku for those willing to tan for Tony Tan to retire.

Jee Say or Andrew Kuan, if joining the fray, will definitely have my consideration.

The said...

One of the few certainties in life, other than death and taxes, is that the next President of the Republic Singapore will be a Tan.

No need to tan ku ku - the election results are out.

Anonymous said...

Tan Jee Say is a man with no pretension.
At last, there is a man worthy of my vote.


Anonymous said...

Finally a non-PAP. As long as the candidate has NO association with PAP, I'll vote him/her.