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Yes, speak out when necessary

The reply by CCS that the market is better to be regulated by more competition came under attack by readers in Today paper. Two letters, by Angeline Lee and Alvin Hoon, were not satisfied with the reply. They demanded that CCS should take action now against the $5 charge by Nets claiming that there is no competition in the market now. Net is the only provider of this service at the moment. The hike is only acceptable if there are competitors. (My view is that if it is pseudo competition with a few providers it will not make any difference and profiteering will go on at the expense of the consumers. That will be the CASE.) The people are now getting more vocal and would not take crappy answers and reasonings for granted. The people are learning to speak up. They are not going to let unfair actions be simply explained away. This is the only way to make sure that their rights and interests are not trampled by big organisations and big voices. Let's see if CCS will take some action against Nets. But from the look of things it is already a done deal. Pay up.


Anonymous said...

It is always the case. When people are comfortable they will not complain. When they are uncomfortable, they will complain. It is a question of when we will reach the stage of 'tak boleh tahan'. Then it will lead to 'mati tidak apa' if you are really starving.

Anonymous said...

Another case of bo lam par. What's the big deal about writing to a newspaper from the comfort of your airconditioned living room and sitting on your comfy high back leather chair. Put your money where your mouth is.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If more people make a fuss, all the govt will do is to stage (yet another) "dog and pony show" (like the NKF Trials) in the hope of appeasing the loud, pissed-off rabble. Afterall, what is the problem -- the executive is in cahoots with the judiciary.

Drag in NETS to court. Fine them a few hundred thou... then everyone (judges, lawyers, plaintiff and defendent) adjorns to the Cricket Club for curry and beer. That evening, a minor hoo-haa by the govt controlled media about how "justice" has been done, next morning more propaganda in the newspapers -- the govt's PR stunt satisfies a few people.

And there still is no competition. Pay your 5 bucks.

redbean said...

this cynicism has gone up one level: )

Anonymous said...

Another case of bo lam par, so says anon 1:31. So, what have you done or are doing that you may want to enlighten all that makes you distinct from this what you call bo lam par people you have been critizing? Is making yourself heard here giving you more lam par than Angeline and Alvin?