When will they be caught?

The spate of kidnapping scam is getting to the nerves of Singaporeans. It is a traumatic experience for the older folks and those weak at heart. Has any of these bandits been caught? They are thinking that Singapore is Shanghai 1930s or are they going to turn Singapore into one? The law enforcement officers must work doubly hard to nab them and display them in the Padang for public caning for one week, chop off their hands before deporting them. Don't be soft hearted in dealing with these bandits as the harm they intended is much more than the pains of chopped hands. Need to set a few examples as a deterrent. Let there be no mercy. They better hurry to get rid of these pests before it gets too prevalent and others start to imitate them. It is a serious social security threat.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, I agree with you. These kidnappers when apprehended should be harshly dealt with.

I have been reading the ST for the last 2 months but must have missed any report of any kidnapping cases in Singapore.

Are you sure such crimes exist in Singapore??

redbean said...

hi speed,
there is no kidnapping for a long time. mandatory death sentence is a good deterrence.

the current spate of kidnapping scams are mainly con jobs. but that can also be very frightening and distressing to the victims. i personally had received a call in my office. fortunately my kids are big and i need not fear such events. even then i was startled. imagine the womenfolks at home who received such calls.

everyone who have children must make sure that this plague is never allowed to come back to threaten anyone or made anyone suffer for it. hanging them is not enough. the act is vicious and very cruel to the victims.