Time to do a little national service

Or maybe put it another way, time to reciprocate and return some profits to the commuters. This is what SMRT and Singapore Bus should think of doing. The govt is working so hard erecting ERP gantries and raising ERP charges to pressurise motorists to take public transport instead of driving. And the results can be seen by the packed trains and buses at all hours. All these through no effort of the public transport companies but the govt. Public transport companies' profits are going to soar with such heavy usage and instead of trumpeting their huge profits, why not help their loyal commuters a bit huh?


Anonymous said...

Kum Siah, for asking for help. People will have to run for cover again!

Anonymous said...

Ai tio oo! They will complain too many commuters causing heavier load to carry hence need to consume more energy, and may have to acquire more trains too. Be prepared for another fare increase.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Will someone please help protect us from the helpers?

Join the anti-helpers and help them stop the helpers from helping.

So please help. Sorry I can't help -- I'm busy helping myself.

redbean said...

soon the safest place will be changi.