Time to catch the bus/train cheats

Public transport companies are going all out to catch these petty thieves for cheating the transport giants for a few cents or a few dollars per trip. These are big monies to lose and it is estimated that the total amount lost is $9 mil annually. At $1 a trip cheated, that is 9 mil trips or roughly 25,000 trips daily. Either we have so many cheapskate buggers or cheats, it is still no good. Cheating is cheating, even for a few cents. It is now like a war against these petty thieves, and manpower and all resources, including satellite technology will be harnessed to save the $9 mil and to teach these useless buggers to be honest. People who have to cheat for a few dollars are not worth living. And worst still, there is a higher justification for the huge amount of money going to be spent to tackle this cheating problem. If not because of the cheating, transport companies need not keep on raising transport fares. So the cheating hurts the majority of the honest fare paying commuters. All fare paying commuters must be grateful and should lend a helping hand to catch all these cheats. And when the problem is solved, they can expect fares to be lowered. Or at least there will be lesser fare hikes. The moral of the story is that if these people want to cheat, they must cheat big and in style. And they would not even be called cheats if they are smart enough to do it. They will even be respected for being able to collect hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars without anyone knowing what is happening. The real and big cheats always get away and it is the small petty thieves that are caught and embarrassed.


Abao said...

they said that the ezlink purpose was to reduce bus cheats. apparently it did not reduce such incidents even when the communters have to tap their card on the device.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I'll bet you the math won't add. How many resources, and what do they cost, are needed to "catch" these "criminals"?

This is nonsense lah.

redbean said...

nonsense or not, they are ploughing the resources, including hard and software to catch this petty thieves. yeah, the maths would not add up. throwing away too much money for nothing.

but why not, the commuters will have to pay for it.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yeah, I guess they would. There is no competition anyway.

The long-term economic effects are somewhat "interesting". If you misallocate too many resources on unproductive activities, you won't have enough to do proper maintenance, replace worn out stock. etc.

In other words, the enterprise will eventually end up in the shit-hole.

redbean said...

return this essential service to a stats board and manage it for the public's good. and if any clown says that because it is with a stats board it will become inefficient, hang the clown.

if they can't find anyone good enough in the stats board to run it, i will sacrifice myself at a fraction of the price they are offering now.

Anonymous said...

Only people invited to tea can handle and manage essential services for the public and make more money for the Government. That is to say, they have to make sure that people who have many axes to grind with the Government will never be given the job.

Have you ever heard of an opposition MP running a Government Agency or community service? Even the community centre and community club of an opposition ward are all manned by a PAP man. And even if Mr.Redbean offers free service to the bus/mrt companies, they will not dare to take up his offer.