Stoned right!

Sharon Stone may be stoned, but she is damned right that the big earthquake in China is a karmic retribution for China's role in Tibet. But she forgot to elaborate more by looking at the progress in the US, Europe and particularly Japan and Germany. Many people actually are confused about the law of karma. The true karmic law is like the law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest. The greater the evil, the better a nation or people prosper. China has not done enough evil, and that is why it is still a developing nation and suffering from national calamities. And that applies to the poor Asian and African countries. Compare to Europe, after they colonised and robbed the rest of the world their wealth and their dignity, and impoverished most of them, Europe is peaceful, graceful and rich. So did America. Look how great and rich the USA is? It is all karma. They reaped their good karma from killing and exterminating the Red Indians. They reaped their good life from turning Africans into slaves. And their good karma will continue if they keep killing the Arabs. China should learn from the USA, then it will become a richer country. Germany and the gassing of the Jews, concentration camps etc, see how good is the karma of Germany? It is now the most prosperous nation in Europe. The same applies to the Japanese. Remember the atrocities they inflicted to Asians when they tried to conquer and rule all of them, including the Rape of Nanking and the chemical factory using Chinese to test chemical and biological weapons, which they passed all the information and research material to the Americans, see how well off they are now? The law of karma says that a country and people must be cruel to beget good karma and live well. Now watch carefully as America and Europe start to decline and degenerate into the third world league as they become more human and care for human rights. Stone is right. She is stoned right. China was not evil enough to reap goodness!

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Anonymous said...

Now in her fifties and rolling fast downhill she needed attention mah. But it did not turn out to her favour as her claptrap brought her immediately a forfeiture in a ban from C Dior for her advertising in their product in China. Now she is sorry when kena backfire. Is she tasting karma?