The Singaporean Phobia

The fact that this letter is circulating all over paradise simply means that it strikes a familiar cord among many Singaporeans. Yes, this help thing is getting sickening and frightening. How about the govt got kicked out in the next General Election and the reason is that the people do not want to be helped and want to be left alone? This is an interesting development and may prove my theory is correct. Whatever that is good will end up bad. Whatever policies or good intention that can bring a govt to power could at the end of the day bring it down. The people who support the govt or are instrumental to keeping the govt in power will be the one that will bring down the govt. The formula for success is the recipe for disaster. This fear of too much help is no longer a joke. It is a genuine fear that help is really no help. Just think about it.


Anonymous said...

Redbean you are talking nonsense again. The fact that the govt is doing all it can to help the needy and the weak is not a factor that will bring down this govt On the contrary, it will bind the govt/people relationship stronger and strengthen the partnership.

Why are you spouting such total nonsense. Please do not be a scaremonger. It is unbecoming.

Anonymous said...

I think OP should clarify the subject matter so readers can understand what it is all about. Not everyone buys the MSM or listen to CNA as they are the propagandist for the Government.

So kindly explain what is this Phobia that is uniquely Singaporean? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry about that, I saw the earlier post about this letter being circulated that is asking the PM to stop helping Singaporeans.

redbean said...

i am just referring to a post in several blogs and also circulating by the internet's way through emails. it travels instantly and much faster than snail mails.

some may regard this email as funny and a joke. some may see it differently.

you can't say taking $1 and returning a few cents as helping right? and help through handouts often do not reach those that need help. how much help can be given when everything is going up in amounts that are no longer 'affordable?'

like the rising cost of hdb flats and properties. those who already own some will be congratulating themselves. but those who are waiting to buy will find their dream home fading away.

and some of the helps through all kinds of schemes are questionable and not necessary nor applicable to the people. some help actually cause more hardship than relief.

Matilah_Singapura said...

That would be, IMO a bad idea.

E.g.: Australia kicked out the Howard govt, in a time of economic boom, and replaced it with Kevin Rudd's bunch of Marxists. The Treasurer Wayne Swan is delivering his first budget on Tuesday and it will be the beginning of a whole lot of problems.

I don't vote, so I don't really give a shit anyway. However if people believe that kicking out the PAP will solve their "problems" they are in for a surprise.

The people always get the govt they deserve, which is why everyone who votes is living in an illusion, IMO. You vote black, I vote red. We each believe our candidate is "the right one". When you look at it that way, you can see how ludicrous it really is.

Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. --
H. L. Mencken

redbean said...

the words helping the people, think and plan for the people, have taken different meanings here.

they are now political tools for political expediencies. i find them more negative than positive. in the name of helping the people blah blah blah, many people were hit negatively. one thing for sure, our money is no longer our money in the cpf.

with those money we could be richer. but we are richer in paper but have to resort to begging and asking for handouts.

Anonymous said...

You can rant and rave all you want redeban, but the fact of the matter is that majority of the voters WANT to be helped. That is how it works in a democracy, will of the majority they say, even if the majority is totally dumb and stupid.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon is exactly right.

If you can vote for "help", the what's the point of taking responsibility for yourself?

You can have it all, without responsibility or accountability. People complain that the govt should be "more accountable". I summise these same folk have a look at their own existence before pointing fingers. I'm willing to bet nearly ALL of them use some kind of State handout: either public schools, public health care... whatever.