A return to the LKY era

We are changing fast, but I can't help thinking that we are moving back into the 70s, the days when LKY was in charge. LKY is everywhere. You see him, you hear him, and you feel his presence, not just physically, but his influence on policies. In those days, all he needed to say is an 'ah choo,' and the whole place will be disinfected. There was this joke that he had a round of golf at Tanah Merah Country Club and his ball was curved by the wind. He asked why the wind was so strong. The next day the casuarina trees along Changi Beach were halved in height. It was a joke to exemplify how people over reacted to his comments. Recently he commented against subsidies as it would distort the market forces. I think this will become an official policies or an unwritten rule from now on. Subsidy is going to be a four letter word. No ministry will dare to wander near it. Let's see which subsidy will be the first to go.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I'm on the side of Lee Kuan Yew, when he comes out and valiantly defends free market principles.

S'pore came from being a 3rd world shit-bag where everything was subsidised -- telephone, medical, HDB etc. Because of the wonder of free-market capitalism it is now carved a place in history as THE FASTEST country to develop economically in the whole of human history, to date.

To return to subsidies would eventually make S'pore a 3rd world shit-hole loser basket-case once again.

redbean said...

aiyoh, reading your posts is getting very painful lah. who is asking for subsidies? who is asking for help?

no need subsidies, no need help. just cut down on the profits and taxes.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyoh, lots od people are asking for subsidies lah. Especially those sympathetic to s'pore democratic party/ workers party.

Go to any S'pore blog -- many participants are asking for subsidies. "it is the govt DUTY to help people"... that sort of shit.

You fucking blind or what?

redbean said...

other blogs got other opinions. here i have yet to see any post asking for subsidies.

you think i full time go around reading everyone's blog?