No issues, so nothing to write

Surprisingly there are no more hot issues to write about. Mas Selamat case, settled and closed, Pedra Branca dispute over, high cost of living no longer an issue with govt handouts and now special one time bonus for civil servants. Singapore now regaining its top position as the 9th most expensive city to do business, and no riotings or protest with high cost of petrol and food. It means that the people must be happy. Tough that there are nothing else to write or talk about. Oh, maybe I shall join the party and praise Boon Wan for being the best minister Singapore ever got. Does he deserve such an accolade? Duh, who am I to say he is good or no good? Better to leave it to the people who are affected by his policies to tell their stories. Anyway, his policies do not affect me at all. I don't patronise govt hospitals. I can't afford such luxuries. The only thing that adversely affected me is that my money are stuck in Medisave. If I were to grade him on this point, I fail him. As for his mean testing policies, only the people affected will be qualified to comment.


Anonymous said...

Write about the aftermath of the 9 whose lives must be deeply affected after their dismissals,demotion???

And two are from Nepal....

redbean said...

writing followups should be left to the professional journalists and reporters. that is their jobs, to provide worthy and current interests news.

but professionally they may decide they are of no public interests.