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Next Parliament sitting

The last sitting was overshadowed by the escape. Even the high cost of living were not touch on, or was it skimmed through? With the Mas Selamat issue as water under the bridge, and with everyone moving on, we can expect more outstanding issues to be tabled. Many ministers were significantly 'absent' or unheard of in the last sitting, all taking a backseat and quietly watching the spectacle of Kan Seng under the spotlight. Raymond would surely be in the picture with his seat belts buckled tightly. Boon Heng may do an update of his oldies ministerial portfolio. Eng Hen could continue to take a break after solving the annuities for the oldies problem for Boon Heng. Now where is Mah Bow Tan? I think he can relax a little with all the backlog HDB flats sold or nearly sold and with HDB prices going to seventh heaven due to rising demands. Good job done. And Boon Yang, is he in Trade and Industry? Tharman should be a happy minister with so much money in hand and happily giving them away. Hopefully Chiam See Tong would not tell him not to kill the goose and only giveaway the drumstick will do. Bloggers should be waiting in anticipation of what new laws will come out from Shanmugam. Oh, Boon Wan has solved the high medical fees problems. Everyone now can afford to pay their medical fees to the 80s. Looks like the only major thing in the next sitting is not even ERPs or high profits of privatised public transport system but seat belts for school children.


Matilah_Singapura said...

How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think.
Adolf Hitler

Matilah_Singapura said...

Dear PM Lee, Please don't help me...

redbean said...

yes, i have been begging the govt not to do so much for the people. take the pay, go for holidays, and leave the people alone.

every time they said they have overworked and have been proactive, and saw problems in the future, i shudder. and when they come out with great schemes to solve these problems, every citizen turns pale with fear.

money going, going, gone.

redbean said...

i was quite taken aback when one of our bloggers listed boon wan as one of the unfavourable ministers, even at the top of the heap.

my impression of him was not bad, except for his failure to bring down medical cost.