The new battle on foreign workers

We have discussed this many times over. Though some were more against foreigner workers, many narrow down to foreign talents that are not really talents but cheap white collar workers. And the gripe is that they are taking away these jobs from Singaporeans who are just as well qualified. Reading the msm today, a new battle is being fought between the govt and the opposition parties even to the extent of ridiculous challenge asking Worker's Party to just hire Singaporeans. This is the same kind of challenge asking Singaporeans to come up with alternative solutions when it cannot happen simply because the one being challenged is not in a position to carry them out. Ya, hogwash. So now we have the trade unions and the govt strongly for foreign workers. On the other corner, the natural opponents, the opposition parties. As far as workers are concerned, it is now an established fact that many jobs are shunned by Singaporeans and only foreigners are willing to accept them. So there should be no question as to whether the employers should or should not employ foreign workers for these jobs. What is needed is in jobs that Singaporeans want and are qualified to do. If these jobs are lost to Singaporeans, with so many things stacked against them, we are going to see many educated, qualified and angry Singaporeans hogging the net and kpkb.


Anonymous said...

Government/NTUC/employers vs discredited opposition. WHo do you think will win ? Need three guesses ? This foreign talent debate has been beatedn to death so many times, such that Singaporeans have accepted it as inevitable. Those who feel nudged out by these talents should seriously consider being foreign talents themselves. If no courage to do that, sit back and continue the kpkb on the net and coffee shops but don't hope for any relief coz none is coming.

redbean said...

this foreign workers issue, just like getting rid of old hags, retrenchment is good, restructuring etc, will one day come back to haunt the policy makers. the problems that can arise out of this policy may not just be economics but social and political.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it, not with the iron grip on politics that the PAP has, and not to mention the toal lack of a viable alternative to them.

joe said...

What is the use of asking oppositions for solutions when you don't even listen to your own people. It is just political gaming. They are trying to pull a fast one here to distract. This is to stop further queries to the MSK incident.

They are using this beaten to death issue to rekindle debates to re-focus.

Listen carefully to what line of thought they used this time. They are attacking the people at a personal level - their jobs and their livelihoods.

Anonymous said...

Obviously those jobs are lost because Singaporeans are not competitive enough. Everything else being equal, of course the employers will pick the one that asks for less money. The Singaporean should learn from the foreign talents how to live frugally, instead of blaming them for taking away their jobs. Have they not asked themselves this question: If they are indeed so talented and qualified, how come the foreigners with dubious qualifications can beat them on their own home ground ? Also, if they are that talented, they should be courted by overseas employers in developed countries. Grow up, you whiners. No one owes you a living.

Anonymous said...

The issue is that looking after employers, whether government or private sector, is more important than caring about employment for Singaporeans. Foreign workers are cheaper, ready-trained by other countries, and the Government does not have to provide them with safety nets. It all boils down to helping to grow the economy, and that's the only reason.

Citizens? They are perceived as liabilities nowadays. Now, when the time comes, who is going to stand up for Singapore I wonder? Not those who already left that is for sure, and more and more of those who are already feeling alienated in their own country. This is the truth that is going to haunt us in time to come.

redbean said...

actually i am quite surprise that this issue of foreign workers is raised now. they could talk about the economy and retrenchment rather than focussing on foreign workers alone. maybe it is a good distraction.

the ideal singapore that i would want to own is one where the top 20% of the population are very rich citizens and the rest cheap migrant workers. used in good time and go home when times are bad.

the average or below average citizens can migrate or go elsewhere. they are real trouble to a first world paradise. they can't compete because they are simply no good. low education, low skill, lazy, and want high pay some more. and they form at least 60% of the people, the no hoper.

without them singapore will then be a real paradise for the rich singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

Remember GCT's slogan "Many More Good Years"? He meant only many more good years for the elite, not the ordinary folks. Most Singaporeans have been pwnd.

redbean said...

you forgot swiss standard of living?

Anonymous said...

I didn't forget the Swiss Standard of Living. That's why I am going there to earn a living as a foreign talent. If I failed, at least I can say I've tried.

Come on, grow out of your comfort zone, Singaporeans and move on. It is time to move on to a greener pasture instead of brain-storming your brain and hurting your hearts, trying to graze on a tiny island infested with pests and parasites, indestructible viruses and foot-hand-mouth diseases and dengue hemorrhagic blood-sucking mosquitoes.

For those who cannot leave, good luck to you and try to make yourself happy because you have chosen to be what you want to be. In life, choices are always available. There is no such a thing as no choice.

The only solution to all your grouses is a political solution. Those problems cannot be solved piece-meal. There too many and they are too entrenched for too long. They keep coming back after every few years. And they are getting worse and worst.

You have a choice to go for a political solution every 4-5 years. You have chosen, so bite your teeth and live with it, mate! Either you suffer in silence or go kpkb at yourself in the mirror every morning when you brush your teeth.

"Yes, shut up, nobody owes you a living." This is the most famous line.

Or, another one: "If you are so damn good, why don't you migrate." This is the second famous line.

Still didn't get it? I don't believe it!

What will happen to those who refuse to shut up and refuse to migrate? That is another million-dollar question which requires another raise for the salary of the multi-millionaire mini-stars.

Read, digest and remember "Animal Farm" by George Orwell.

"No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which."

redbean said...

everyone will have to find his own way in life. kpkb is another way. it is not totally a vain effort. it just takes a longer time but will lead to some transition as long as we keep it going.

people can take it positively as feedback, negatively as complaints, or worst, fearfully as anti establishment.