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Nature starts its culling

The earth is getting too congested and nature has no way out but to start its culling. Tsunami, cyclones, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, droughts etc are simply nature's way of getting the excess fat away. Those people that perished must be not deserving to live. This is a tough statement to make. For if that is true, and if nature wants them out, why help? Civilisation also has its own way to cull people. Financial crisis, recession, job losses etc are social ways of letting the less able to go. Yes, these less able people are either of bad genes or lazy or stupid, and do not deserve to exist. For the strong and able, the rich and mighty, time to cut the crap and hypocrisies, laugh and sneer at those that can't make the cut. They have failed, it is their problems and they have themselves to be blamed. And if anyone wants to give them or show them a little kindness, that is strictly voluntary and they better appreciate it and don't ever demand. This is the tough and cruel realities. No more niceties. The fittest survives. I think many will live by such principles and truths. No one owes anyone else a living. They have made it and others must or should also make it. If they don't or can't, it is their funerals. And when nature has started to cull a population that is growing too big for its own good, when resources are exploited to its maximum and used up at a rate that is higher than it is able to replenish, it will lead to doomsday. Better be careful about that silly 6 mil, 7 mil or 8 mil population. Instead of going green, stop producing or increasing the population is the solution.


Anonymous said...

Nature is neutral. Tsunami, cyclones, tornadoes, floods, droughts occur due to the rotation of the Earth on its axle and also the Earth revolving around the Sun.
All these natural phenomenon occur irrespective of human existence.

Anonymous said...

If ever we live by the rules of the jungle, we would have lost our humanity.

Increasing population on a piece of rock is very, very risky. We have nothing, all it takes is a natural disaster, some runaway viruses, a war, some food crisis or even a prolong recession and we are done for.

Anonymous said...

Humans can never conquer nature. When it is the end, it is the end, no matter how powerful or rich humans can ever be.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Religion kills more people than any natural disaster thus far. Don't worry as long as people belive their god has a bigger dick than the other person's god, rest assured eventually they'll start killing each other.

This is wicked fun to watch! I hope humanity never stops, as I welcome the entertainment!

So all you folks who believe that you have a "friend" -- the invisible neurotic old man, who lives somewhere in the sky... BRING IT ON! Show the world what an angry codger this old cunt is...