Msm and political parties

The Malaysian system allows for political parties to have their own mouth piece in the form of commercial papers. PKR is going to have its own paper to be sold to the public with a political view that is PKR's. Umno of course has its own papers. With political parties owning their own newspapers, it is normal and acceptable to have such papers towing the party lines and saying good things about the party and defending the party. What is the status of our msm? Are they owned by political parties or are they strictly private organisations? My understanding is that our msm are commercial and privately owned enterprises, not owned by political parties. Not even own by the govt, not a statutory board, or is it? I read somewhere that the local msm's stance is to be pro govt. So whichever party comes to power, they will have the support of the msm. Is this support unquestionable or unconditional, under all circumstances?

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