MP pushing for new laws

Finally there is an issue grave enough for the MPs to speak up strongly in Parliament. The high cost of living, minister's pay, and the Mas Selamat escape were not able to kinder the fire in the belly of the MPs. It is reported in the front page of the Sunday Times that several MPs would lobby for new laws to make seat belts in school buses mandatory. Enough is enough and they want it implemented immediately. They would even question Raymond Lim 'What's next?' since he has not spoken a word on this earth shattering issue. There will be sparks in Parliament on May 26. Just wondering, is Raymond running out of favour?


Anonymous said...

God Almighty!!! They have a voice!!! Until now I thought they were all there just to fill up the seats. This earth shattering issues of wearing seat belts have got them all fired up. Minister's pay, Mas Selamat and even the NKF issue never got them in such a frenzy. Well, well there is hope for this paradise yet.

Anonymous said...

i think its all barking up the wrong tree. everyone knows speed kills, and everyone knows that almost all vehicles travel beyond the speed limit regulated for them. many vehicles that got into accidents involving passenger casulties almost always travel beyond their limit. they should instead be talking about how to prevent buses carrying school children from speeding in order to protect the children.