Move on and be forgotten

Imagine if there is no internet and blogs, every embarrassing episode will be forgotten and the people would have moved on. No more reminders of NKF and peanuts, no more high salaries to haunt anyone while the poor were asked to tighten their belts and eat potatoes, who is Mas Selamat or Selamat what? People have short memories and have many things to take care of. The internet will now be the mother of all memories, be there constantly, to remind people of embarrassing things, 24/7, 365 days a year. There will be no such things as move ons. The msm may not want to talk about some issues and events because of space contraints and the need to move on to new news. News have to be news, fresh and of current interests. In cyberspace, what is important is not currency but relevance and continuity. Things that are really important to the citizens, things that the citizens hold dearly and care about. And for some things, they will not move on but cling on.


Anonymous said...

They recorded everything said at oppostion election rallies. Now everything they say is recorded by others. Thus, we have 'mee siam mai hum', 'It's happened, what to do?, 'GST is to help the poor', 'increasing minister's salary is good for you' etc.

So, you see, do not do unto others if you do not want others to do unto you.

redbean said...

there are now so many blogs recording political events. quite a force.

may the force be with you.

redbean said...

a block or precinct can be sabo-ed by one single person or family and the rest will have to pay higher charges.

as for reducing the charges, that is not in the cards.