More bus rules

Some bus lanes are full day, some are only for certain times. Fantastics. I think all cars must be fitted with a bus lane detector device to tell the driver which is which. With so many traffic rules, where got ERP gantries and when they are operational and how much to pay, it is going to be very troubling. Then got to remember where got traffic cameras just in case you go a bit faster. Now buses are fitted with cameras to capture errant drivers and each fine is $130. Wondering how much is each camera costing the bus company and how much it costs to maintain the system. And who is paying for the increase in cost? Obviously not the bus companies. Next cameras to catch littering in HDB estates? Cameras in foodcourts to catch smokers. Please include the lifts also.


Anonymous said...

Rules and regulations everywhere. Cameras at every corner to catch you breaking the rules and regulations. What a place to live!! Soon you will probably have plain clothes police mingling with they public to snoop and catch you when you step out of line.

Be very careful not to cross the line or else!!

Anonymous said...

But when Selamat slipped out of the detention centre there was nothing recorded on camera. Strange isn't it?

redbean said...

the buses will be called up to capture escaped criminals in the future. they will be very effective patrolling the streets.
this is a far sighted ingenious tool.

Anonymous said...

whoa, now buses doing part of traffic police jobs, there's likelihood in future they amalgamate with spf man! shortage of driver problem can be resolved. policemen want to earn extra can be given option to drive when offduty.