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The Mahathir Syndrome

When Mahathir was in power, everything he said and or wanted to do would be done. All his cronies who enjoyed all the perks would just joined the bandwagon, got fed and became fatter, without a single word of criticism or guilt. Now that Mahathir is out of favour, he is now free to crusade against all the wrong things done during his time. His former cronies too were doing the same. Suddenly everything seems so wrong. But when they were in positions of power, they cannot see anything wrong. What takes them so long to realise the wrongdoings? Why didn't they say anything or do anything when they were in a position to do so? Is it because they are no longer being fed, so nothing to lose now?


Anonymous said...

Forgive me for straying, but I just saw Laura Bush on CNA criticising the Burmese regime for not doing enough for the cyclone victims. Has she forgotten that the same criticisim were made against George W. Bush some time ago regarding his response to Hurricane Katrina (?). Shame on her, the pot calling the kettle black.

But of course this kind of criticism about the Burmese regime has to be broadcasted on CNA loud and clear. Just like the Tibet problem.

redbean said...

ya, katrina was a shame.

and cna sometimes thinks that it is cnn i suppose. wonder who owns cna?

Anonymous said...

ya, he now say the ministers all are so obsequious always saying " i sokong, i sokong". dunno during his time they said what. i sotong.

redbean said...

i dunno if there are such animals in the singapore context now. or will they appear in hoards when there is a change of govt in the future?

Anonymous said...

There is an interesting development all should note: A Prominent Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin of Malaysia Today has been charged in a Malaysian Court with sedition in his posting " Let's Send The Altantuya Murderers To Hell. "

Read all about it at:

The trial date has been set for 6th - 10th October 2008 and bail at RM5000.00. Although fully supported by the Malaysian publicm he has surprisingly refused to pay the bail and will be put in detention till the date of the trial.

Here is an example of an outstanding citizen fighting against the might of the Malaysian Government. Kudos to YM Raja Petra aka Pete to his friends and may God be with you in your fight for true justice.

redbean said...

whatever we say, don't venture too near to scandals or sedition. not worth it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, typical response from a brain-dead PAP-conditioned Sheple. Pete's parting shot to journalists outside the court room before he was charged was: It is not seditious to incite the people against a corrupt government. Now there is the hallmark of a true warrior.

redbean said...

talking cock, disagreeing with policies are fair game. but if one wishes to challenge the system, better be prepared to take on the challenge when it is thrown back at you.

be sensible but not foolhardy.

Anonymous said...

With your kind of attitude, Redbean it's no wonder the PAP is so cocky and have no worries about screwing their citizens like no tomorrow, because they know at the end of every five years all those people who kpkb in kopitiam and internet will still mark the cross against the lightning symbol. Talk so much, but no action because no balls.

redbean said...

Ngiam Tong Dow is shouting from the roof. He was inside, instrumental in many of the major policies. And he is now criticising them from the outside. Would Ngiam fit into the Mahathir Syndrome? Did he objected to those policies when he was in and now kpkb when he is out?

From the press report today, it seems that he was vocal and did speak out on policies that he was against or disagree with. If that is so, then it is not fair to pin the Mahathir Syndrome. It is important that he spoke out when he was in, even behind closed doors.

Maybe there will be more better candidates in the future.