Mahathir into blogging

Mahathir has joined the blogging world to say his piece. And this is a world that he had no special liking for when he was in power. For then, the msm was his mouth piece, saying and printing what he liked and his fancy. Things have changed when he lost power. He lost his voice in the msm. They no longer say or print what he likes. And knowing that he has no other choice by cyberspace, he accepts what he thinks is best. Now he has cyberspace to thank for in giving him a voice. Whether people listen to him is another thing. But at least he is talking again He is using his pen name of Che Det. Welcome to the world of talking nonsense, or saying what you feel, Che Det. No one is going to censor your free speech now.


Anonymous said...

His daughter has given the advice to politicians-cum-bloggers to accept and print positive and negative comments in their blogs. Having only comments to make you feel good will turn many away from your blog, she says.

By now, most Malaysians are blaming Mahathir for his 22 years of excesses and bad management of the country. People are complaining that their comments were not published. Many has said that they will not be visiting his blog as they hated him and many others that do will be turned off if their comments do not get publish.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mathathir boleh!

redbean said...

he is an impossible man. nothing is impossible to him. he will by past any obstacle placed in his path. even a crooked bridge will do, to get his way.