Lest we forget- Just a little reminder

This island is a republic, not a kingdom, dictatorship, a communist state or whatever. It is run on democratic principles where the people elect their representatives to manage the island for the benefits of the people. How is it that the people so easily forget that they are the owner of this island and the elected representatives are there temporarily and can be removed if they are not living to the expectations of the people? Not only that the people forget easily, even the people's representatives also forget that they are elected by the people to serve the people's interests. And for this, any major decision made that will affect the people must have the consent of the people and not simply be decided by them. Am I being confused? That once elected, the people's representatives have full power to do whatever they think right? There must be some big issues that they need to go back to the people, go through a referendum, to get the people's consent. One issue I think deserves to go back to the people is the growing population by unnatural means, ie, importing more foreigners to a target of 6 to 8 mil. This is helluva decision to make. The people are going to be affected by it, and hopefully it is good, but it can be very bad too, depending on how things turn out. For such an issue, I still think that the people must have a say on which way to go. In some European countries, even rebuilding and changing the buildings in a place needs a referendum. The people must consent to tearing down and building new buildings and structures. The people's representatives are only representatives and are temporal in nature. They are not there forever and neither could they bear the burden and responsibility of such a big decision that affects everyone, now and in the future. No one shall be given this right to decide what he thinks is good for the people without the people's consent. Maybe they will say I am talking cock. The elected representatives can do whatever they want or whatever they think best.


Anonymous said...

Yes Redbean, you are talking cock. During the last half a century all major decisions have been taken by your representatives on your behalf. Why have you kept quiet for so long? Why are you raising this issue now? Where have you been all these years? Have you just woken up?

redbean said...

many older singaporeans would tell you, the govt good, chenghu ho. those were the days when the people were really appreciative of the govt. how to buy a 5 rm flat at $27,500? things were relatively cheap and within the means of the people. people were earning lesser than now, but richer.

then came the get rich quick schemes, double your assets, deplete your cpf by subsidising hdb flats, buy insurance using your cpf, locking up your cpf, high prices for everything, high population growth, high economic growth, high inflation, high salary, but many getting poorer and more hard up.

the old chenghu did not have to tell the people that they did it for the people, good for the people. the people benefitted from good govt policies and knew that the govt was good.

today the govt kept telling the people it is good for the people, helping the people, but the people don't believe anymore. the people becomes very cynical.

so people will talk cock more. now there is even a talking.com : )

Matilah_Singapura said...

You have to ask the question -- what mechanisms are there to limit the power of the state in S'pore's case?

Re: population growth.

You are only looking at it from your point of view. There are many people I know who support the idea of having 6+ million in S'pore.

Citizen World said...

From my point of view, I welcome to population orgy because that means greater demand for my property since I am migrating anyway :)

Too bad for the stuckers, though. Your quality of life will definitely take a massive hit.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure they can be removed?
Bean, don't daydream. You know it is not possible to change government. Despot already said they will call in the army if they lose.

redbean said...

no one is talking about removing anyone lah. but everyone needs to know that every year there is an election to elect people's representatives, not something else.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic.

I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.
H L Mencken

Yes, I do agee fully with My Mencken

Anonymous said...

Talking about elected representatives, Chinese premier Wen Jiabao wasn't elected by the people, but look at what he is doing after the earthquake. He is down at ground zero, right among the collapsed buildings and talking to trapped victims. That's what a true leader should do and I admit he puts our own leaders to shame with his action, not to mention only taking a meagre salary.

Here, our elected respresentatives (most are not even elected) go MIA when bad things happen and appear only to exonerate their own kind.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Free people do not need "leaders". And we all know that the people in China are certainly NOT free.

The man who lets a leader prescribe his course is a wreck being towed to the scrap heap. Ayn Rand

Yes, I fully concur with her point.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr Red Bean, you must be dreaming in your own make-believe world. Otherwise you wouldn't call yourself Bean instead of Being. Since you have become a bean it is perfectly alright to be treated as a bean. Sometimes, a bean can be grind into powder.