Knocking on the door of Opec

Indonesia quits Opec. It has become a net importer of oil despite its huge reserves. So no point staying on as a member. Never mind, Singapore should register its interest to take over Indonesia's vacated seat. We have all the wherewither to be an Opec member now. We have the sea in front of Pedra Branca to explore our oil. We have our oil rig builders to build all the rigs that we want. And we have the oil refineries to refine the oil. And we have all the supporting services to go oil exploring and oil digging. A new company, maybe call it SinOil, will soon come into the picture when Singapore starts to produce its own oil. Boom town Charlie for Singaporeans. We will be able to finance all the retirement schemes for our aged citizens. Another 100 years of prosperity.


Anonymous said...

Fat hope about financing retirement schemes for aged citizens! Their money is their money. Your money is their money. Oil money is their money, if it exists!

redbean said...

they won't finance the oldies of today. they will keep the money to finance the oldiers in year 3000.